Different Types of Valentines Day Flowers

For 2014 sweet celebration of Valentine you would love to experience the blissful paradise with fresh fragrant heavenly blooms in the comforts of your own home. How would it feel if your bed was of red Roses, and carpet of pink an entire room built and adorned using various colorful blossoms scattering their scent. Just as you consider color combinations for home decor, similarly regard associated meanings of pretty blooms. Coming down to facts before offering the beauty of blossoms beware of its magical meanings. Some carry very unpleasant meanings, so let us peep in to grab some details about floral meanings. For a valentines day flower delivery take a peek at some of floral meanings here.

Dreaming in Pink - Long Stemmed Pink Roses

Beauty of Flowers Associated with Meanings

Red Roses

Rose the heavenly flower is associated with God, since the ancient times, love of God is its true meaning, symbolizes a spiritual and eternal love binding hearts together. Their energy is at the highest frequency the energy of God that is delivered to humans by this divine blossom. For humans we convert this meaning to passionate love, to convey deep love, heartfelt feelings to the beloved. Orange, amaranths, crimson are hues of red symbolizing enthusiasm, desire and gifted when you want to know someone better. The quantity of valentines roses delivery blooms carry meanings too, but love is unspoken.

Pink Rose

Lavender Dreams

Pink also has hues from light to dark, lighter pastel pink symbolizes shyness, sweetness and is offered to convey gratitude, appreciation or admiration. Pink is a charming soft color filed with gentle romance and soft love, care that is what it conveys.

Yellow Rose

Yellow with many hues of pale creams, lime, golden yellow each one is associated with friendliness, cream is a soft colorful denoting tender blossoming love, brighter yellow cheer, joy, happiness, it is a color of sun and radiance denoting warmth, familial love, rather than passion and romance, but you can offer them for a brighter happier day on 2014 Valentine’s day.

Lilac or lavender Rose

As the name suggests we imagine a softest shade of color representing eternal modesty, grace, royalty and gentle love. A regal color and is very pretty indeed to offer your loved one on the Valentine’s Day if your she has fallen for it.

White Rose

This is all for purity of thought, deed and action or words, a saintly color denoting spirituality, and innocence as that of an angel from heavens.


Similar to Rose red flower of Chrysanthemum conveys love, white is for purity, loyalty while the Japanese offer it at graves, so be careful about these flowers, although they symbolize longevity and are very beneficial for health. Several colors are available in this variety and look beautiful when presented in various colors in bunches. Nothing evil or bad is associated with these blooms.

Callas lily

This is a very popular flower, beautiful and available in several colors, white is widely used for bridal bouquets, symbolic of purity, divinity and Virgin Mary is seen holding the bunch of these pure blooms.


The white lily symbolizes simplicity, purity and pink are for romance, prosperity and love, this beautiful captivating flower adorns homes, weddings and especially used on Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or birthdays and weddings, although white are preferred for weddings pink are charismatic too with their mild fragrance.


Colors of tulips are vast and they rank third among the loved flowers, the appearance of these blooms is very captivating, similar to Rose red Tulips are especially symbolic of true and perfect love, yellow denotes happiness and cheer, white as always is for purity, and purple for royalty and elegance.


Vivid colors of daises are quite bewitching, but white are adored worldwide with its pure white delicate appearance it is widely used to offer fro almost any occasion, it is symbolic of loyalty, beauty and simplicity.

Now you can pick the favorite blooms for the special day that is a perfect choice for your beloved meaning what you really would like to tell her with right color of right flower bouquet. However, you can always avail these flowers online from websites catering to enormous variety of fresh blooms. Always compare prices to grab a cheaper bouquet of your choice, selling prices seem considerably slashed down for special Valentine’s Day you can grab a bunch of red Rose bouquets with 12, 18 and 24 priced as US $74.99, $99.99 and $ 125.99. However, shipping charges are highest on Saturdays, but for a normal standard delivery you have to pay minimum $10.99 to maximum of US $20.99 depending on the number of items. But at giftblooms you have twelve roses for $ 55.99 with shipping fees of approximately US $14.95 which is comparatively low than others.

However, you will see some expensive and stuff that includes larger number of rose blooms or a bouquet including many varieties of expensive flowers making the arrangement expensive. Every blooms has its cost per stem, number of stems decides the pricing of that item which are topped with shipping fees as well. At giftblooms you can get a short stem rose bouquet for 59.99 while one with long stem red roses of 24 yellow roses is US$99.99. Most expensive item at giftblooms is priced at US$ 139.99 and the spectacular arrangement noticed at FTD is around US$ 219.00 .However, celebrate a dazzling day only with your favorite flower choice for 2014 Valentine’s Day flowers delivery.

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