A complete Guide for throwing a Birthday Party – Print Checklist

There is an inevitable fact that every person in the world has to face – everyone has a birthday. But, there are so many birthdays of your loved ones that it is quite difficult to keep track of all of the days and dates. Thus, there is a huge chance that a birthday of a loved one might be coming near and you have absolutely no idea about it. When the day arrives, you realize that you have forgotten the date and you have to come up with a gift so that the birthday boy or girl doesn’t feel bad. Have no fear. It is not at all difficult to find a baker online to whom you can order a cake for the birthday party.

So, if you have been given the responsibility of organizing a birthday party for your child, then here is a complete guide and a checklist of the things that you need to take care before, during, and after the big day. It doesn’t matter whether you are having the party indoors, or at your home’s backyard, or at a zoo, the comprehensive guide given below will make sure that you have all the bases covered for the party.

One to Three Months Before

  • Discuss with your child – Since this is going to be his/her birthday party, you need to discuss with them what kind of theme they want. If you do this, choosing the theme will help you focus on the decorations and activities that need to be in place for the party.
  • Decide whom to invite – While discussing with your child, ask them who they want to invite. Whether they want to invite their whole class or just a few of his/her best friend. Remember that the type of party you are having also dictates, in itself, the best possible choice of activities and the number of kids you can play host to. If there are some events which work best with a few contestants, then, host his/her best friends.
  • Line up any entertainment you might want – Make sure you get the reservations done for any entertainment related to the birthday, as soon as possible. It will be quite sad if you tell your kid that he/she will not be getting the entertainment he/she wanted because it was already booked. Get references from people who have used them before and ask the entertainers whether you will require any sort of setup beforehand.

Four Weeks Before

  • Discuss with your guests about dates – Prior to fixing up the date for the party, make sure that the essential guests – in this case, his/her best friends – will be in town for the party. Your kid might not be happy with the party if he/she does not get to celebrate it with his/her best friends.
  • Prepare invitation cards and send the invitations – Whip up some creative hand-written invitations which reflect the theme of the party. Make sure that if the parents can stay at the party or not, include the RSVP date, and mention and beginning and end times of the party.
  • Make a plan for the party – Make a 2-3 hours’ schedule that is filled with both energetic and calmer activities. Factor in the time for snacks and general merriment. If you plan to open the presents, then, save that event for the last. In case of rainfall, make sure you have a plan for rainy-day activities.
  • Prepare a master list of supplies – Create a list of supplies which you will require for the party and make a note if you need to borrow or buy anything. Check out online stores to save time. Possible list of supplies includes music, portable table for presents and/or food, sports equipment, tablecloths, utensils, cups, and plates, and serving dishes and coolers.
  • Buy or order for items you need – Buy or order party favors which reflect the theme of the party and put them into goody bags. Also, make sure you have prizes for the games that you will be organizing for the party.

Three Weeks Before

  • Fix the food menu – Make sure that the menu of the party is kept simple. Some finger foods, pizzas, and things which kids love. If you want, you can have a few exclusive treats for the parents, like a cocktail. Create a list of the items that you will need to prepare in advance and how much time each of the dishes will take.
  • Make a grocery list – Make a list of the grocery supplies which you will need to prepare the dishes and any other items which you will require.

One Week Before

  • Clean the house and outdoor garden for party – Give a thorough cleanup of the house so that you get rid of any kind of dangerous items or stinky smells around the house. In this way, you just need to give a quick cleanup before the day of the party. If you are planning to hold the party outdoors, make sure you perform a thorough cleanup of your backyard and get rid of any plants or weeds that you planned to get rid of.
  • Make final count of guests through RSVP – Contact the invitees who still have not RSVP-d yet and get to know whether they are coming or not. This will help you get an exact headcount of all the individuals who are coming to the party.
  • Order for cake – Order the cake beforehand. If you plan to make the cake yourself, then make sure you bake the layers of the cake and freeze them over. You can give the icing on the cake before the day of the party.
  • Order balloons and other decoration supply – Order the balloons for the party. Have some balloons for birthday gifts and for the kids to play with and all other supplies for decorations.
  • Again check your master list and look for any missing items well in time– Recheck your master list and go hunt for the items that you have missed so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Three Days Before

  • Go Grocery Shopping – Get all the important groceries and supplies which you will require for the party and make sure that you all the items you need to cook with and decorate with.
  • Make safety for house and yard – Ensure that the dangerous areas around your house like upper-floor windows, stairs, and pools are safeguarded. Look away any sort of dangerous chemicals which you might have lying around and try and cover up the edges of furniture.
  • Prepare your cameras – Charge up the batteries of all your cameras so that you can record the party. If you need to get new batteries, then get them, and make sure that the cameras are fully prepared to record all the fun.

One Day Before

  • Organize the furniture – Move around the furniture of the house so that you can set up the dining and gift tables, and all the stations of activities. If you find some items missing, then you have ample time to buy it.
  • Decorate the party place – Put up the decorations of the party all over the home and the place at which the party will be taking place. Make sure that the decorations of the party reflect the theme of the party.
  • Finish as much as cooking as you can – Finish up all the cooking activities that you need to do beforehand. This comprises of icing and defrosting the cake if you have made one. Do all the preparations for the food items that you will cook on the day of the party like rinsing, marinating, and dicing up food items.

Day of the party

  • Finish last-minute cooking – Finish up any last minute cooking of food items that you need to prepare on the day of the party. Do this before the guests arrive so that you have a huge load off your shoulders.
  • Take your cake and balloons – Go to the shops at which you have ordered your cake and balloons and pick up your orders. Do this before the party begins and incorporate the cake and balloons into the decoration of the party.
  • Display food – 1-2 hours prior to the arrival of the guests, display the food items which won’t get spoiled. Wrap them tightly around the food items so that they remain fresh, and tear off the wrapper after you hear the first chime of the doorbell.
  • Serve cake and ice-cream – After the birthday cake is cut, start serving the cake. Remember that the birthday boy/girl gets the first slice of the cake and also serve some ice-cream with the cake. Kids love ice-cream.
  • Make a list of gifts and who gave them – Start making up a list of the gifts which your child is receiving and who is giving the gifts. In this way, when you send them thank-you notes, it will be easier to track the individuals who gave the gifts.
  • Send everyone off with party favors – Get your child to give the party favors to the guests and get him/her to say thank you.

Two to Three Days Later

Help your kid write up thank-you notes to everyone who has given a gift to him/her. Let them write the thank-you note in their own unique way as this sends a special message.

So, this is a complete list of activities that you need to check when you start organizing the birthday party for your kid. Check all items and you will be all set to host a great party.

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