Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Top 7 Countries with Their Tradition

Valentine is knocking the doors for love birds and we are also going to talk about the same topic here. Well valentine day is called a LOVE day where lovers meets exchanges roses, giving gifts and simply propose their life partners and their future partners. It is a most romantic day for the lovers that they fully enjoy this day as a holiday. Some arranges party, late night din what are the different traditions of celebrating valentine in the related countries.

Top 7  Countries Valentine’s Day Tradition :


USA is the second runner up for exchanging valentine cards or giving gifts. From 20th century tradition of gift giving is started and still it is continued. Mostly boys give red roses and chocolates to lovely lady to propose her. There are endless choices of Valentines celebration ideas with family subscribed here, you can pick to any.


In Canada Valentine’s Day is called a great day for celebrating this romantic occasion. People buy gifts for their spouse, life partners and engaged partners to increase the love in the relationship. Especially for the children this is favorite day to make their home made valentine card. School arranges the party and children enjoy this celebration by distributing their handmade card to teachers and parents. Also read some valentine creative art ideas that people enjoy.


It is a most lovely day for all Australians. Now instead of using greeting cards Australians have turned around to email and sms for best way to showcase love without wasting paper. They eagerly wait for this day. They buy Valentine’s Day gifts and send to their special ones to show the special gratitude towards their loved ones.


In Japan there is a little bit different tradition of celebrating 14th Feb. Here women buy chocolates for the men. For their boss, colleagues or any man close to her, she buys giri-choco chocolate. For lovers, spouse she buys hon-mei chocolate as a gift of love. Boys appreciate their special gesture and in return buy the gifts for her on March 14, which is popular as a white day.


On Valentine’s Day people expresses their love by exchanging or sending cards. But do you know from where this tradition has come from? Yes it is from France. It is an old belief that Charles, Duke of Orleans had written the first love poem for his wife when he was arrested in battle. Following this traditions here also this cause for a big celebration and people buy gifts for their special valentine.


Previously this day was celebrated in gardens and open air areas with their lovers. They enjoy music and dinner over there. Here it is a great belief that bachelor girl should wake up early in the morning before sunrise. If she likes someone or sees any man and likes her, she gets married with his dream boy within a couple of months. People return flowers and chocolates to their closest ones with saying I Love You.

South Africa

South Africa has its own traditions and values for celebrating this lovely day. Couples and lovers do arrange the dinner party and exchange flowers for expressing love. Especially on this day woman or girls pin their spouse or lovers name on their sleeves to exhibit their utmost love.

No matter what country or what tradition is there, the main reason behind this celebration is just to express deep love. Though rituals are different but still the gift ideas are same in all countries. Here we have reciprocated useful information about tradition of celebration valentine. Still you have a time hurry up we have shortlisted innovative and blissful Valentine’s Day gift ideas to send your valentine. So place your orders now.

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