Celebrate Your Christmas in Romanian Traditional Style

Romania is a land with many more traditions in the lesser known Easter European Country. Christmas in Romanian Style, there too exist many traditions in Christmas. The tradition of group of children singing carol from door to door to mouth watering dishes, there are various types of habits followed by Romanian’s. There are other cool things happening here which you might have not heard of, such as homeland of Dracula and etc. This is the most exciting place to celebrate Christmas.  When celebrated in unity, they holiday is made brighter with bright clothes, offerings and special charms. Beautiful Flower to Romania is the special offering that is been carried till today.

Traditional Styles of Romania to Celebrate Christmas:

1)Traditional Romanian Christmas foods

 In Roman food is probably the main part of the celebration. The preparation of fest begins with pig slaughtering. This is when the good part of animal turns into smoked ham, bacon, sausages, liver sausages, pig’s trotter and other goodies.  On the Christmas evening women make delicious food, cakes and many more to treat friends and family. Despite of any financial problems, Christmas evening is always celebrated in a royal way. Main Menu includes roasted pork, pickled vegetables, the delicious beouf salad, home-made wine and plum brandy, as well as various fancy cakes. So when you are far from loved ones, Christmas Chocolate delivery to Romania will give add sweetness into the traditional food items.

2) Music of Christmas in Romanian Style

 The traditional Romania Carols are the sung by a group of children known and “Conlindatul”. Children go out to sing this carol at every house door and perform for the adults, they dance as well. When done with this, they receive fruits, sweets, traditional cake known as  “Cozonaci” and some money from adults. There are different varieties of drumming being played on the Christmas eve.

3) Santa Claus Romanian Style

 In Romania Santa Claus is known as “Mos Craciub” that is “Old Man Christmas” and “Mos Gerila” that is Old man Frost.

On this special eve, there are many more traditions been followed and exchanged. This is the time to group together with loved ones and make a memorable evening. Xmas Wine in Romania is another best way to wish loved ones on Christmas and make the celebration even more fun and royal. Following all the tradition, wine can compliment guests when dining together the Christmas meal.

In addition to these traditions, On the year’s Day, kids wish people a happy new year while they carry around a special bouquet called “Sorcova”. It is traditionally made up of twigs from one or more fruit trees like apple, pear, cherry or plum. These items are put into water in a warm place on 30th December with a hope that comes into leaf and blossoms on New year’s eve. Now a days a single twin of apple or pear is been used to decorate with flowers and colorful paper to make it look more creative and exciting.

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