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Christmas Tree – History, Facts, Types & More-

The Christmas tree is usually an evergreen conifer that is decorated during festive. It is similar to the conifer such as Spruce, pine or fir or an artificial tree of that look alike. This tree is associated with celebration and decoration. During Christmas festivities, the tree is decorated with beautiful decorations and lights.

History of Christmas tree :

It is assumed that, in early modern Germany, the modern Christmas tree was developed. This tree is traditionally decorated with edibles like apples, nuts, or any food items. However, it was in the 18th century, it began to decorate with lights, candles, and other non-edible decorations. Gifts are also placed near the tree as a part of the decoration. Today there are a number of varieties to celebrate and decorate The Christmas tree. Some of the traditional ornaments used to decorate are garland, tinsel, and candy canes. Star or an angle is traditionally placed on the top of the tree as a symbol of Archangel Gabriel or the star of Bethlehem from a native.

Another name for this tree is “Yule-tree”, which was the origin of its folklore. These days there people send Christmas gifts and as a recipient to place it under the tree during the festive season. This brings new light to the tree and the fun of the celebration gets double.

Real vs. Artificial Tree :

Today there are artificial trees available on the market. For many, it becomes difficult to figure out which one is real and artificial. However, there are people who prefer buying artificial one so that they can reuse it next time and forever till they wish to. Real Trees are good to use as well. Here is buyers guide on Real and Artificial Christmas tree:

Advantages of an Artificial Christmas Tree:

  1. The artificial tree is one of the best options to save money. You invest to buy this one time and then you are done. Use this tree year after year with new ideas and without much care, this tree will shine like a new one every time.
  2. One of the best things about artificial trees is convenience. When you need it, just drag it to the place. And when you want to take it out, drag it to your storeroom or garage. It is always perfect when you want to use in shape. These trees also do not need watering and special care. So you are always ready for a fresh Christmas tree during festive. It won’t mess your place as well with scattered waste on the floor.

Disadvantages of Artificial Christmas Tree:

  1. These trees are made of plastic PVC. According to research, it is said that these trees tend to release some toxic gases after years, which will spread in house. Continuing this, it is not good for family members and health. The gases are very toxic to human and animals.
  2. PVC plastics are a nondegradable plastic. When you throw away these trees, it will stay there forever and will cause damage to the land. They are handmade and glued to the frame; they cannot be recycled, which is a big disappointment.
  3. Artificial trees are fire hazards.

Advantages of Real Christmas Tree:

  1. According to research, USDA, U.S. Farmers grows real Christmas trees are sold in the US. This helps over 100000 employees to earn and live.
  2. There are 350 million Christmas trees grown in the U.S., these help in controlling the environment clean and give shelter to wildlife.
  3. Real Christmas tree makes your home smell really good and helps in giving you fresh breath. It is always blissful to walk through your home and smell a beautiful fresh scent of balsam fir!
  4. Moreover, there are 4,000 Christmas Tree recycling programs running around the U.S. Thus, real trees can be easily recycled, which is better than artificial ones.

A disadvantage of Real Christmas Tree:

  1. A real tree needs a big investment. To buy a real tree, it takes yearly expenses since you need to buy a new tree every year.
  2. They are high on maintenance. You need to keep a check of daily watering and will drop needles on the floor which creates a mess to clean continuously.

How to Buy Right Christmas Tree :

Finding the right Christmas tree is a good way to get everything at a place. However, to find it, there is little research and knowledge needed. Therefore, before you land up in a shop, you must first look at few things.

  1. Place where you wish to keep the tree: The first most thing is the place where you wish to keep the tree. According to the place, you can decide on what size you need and how big. Always make sure, there is at least 6-inch space free between ceiling and tree tip. Also, consider the diameter of the tree according to space, so that there is no clutter of its width.
  1. The duration you wish to keep the tree: Artificial trees are better in such case as it Is one-time investment which can be reused every year without any special care. In addition, the interesting fact about it is that it will always look like a new fresh Christmas tree.
  1. A right understanding of Christmas tree foliage and needles: There are some trees that offer different types of foliage. Having right knowledge of it will help you choose the right one.
  1. Consider the ornaments while buying tree: When you buy a tree, look at the available ornaments that you have. Go for a tree that will suit to your ornament or vice versa. This will ease the task and help you get things ready in quick time.

Christmas Tree Centerpiece :

Christmas table is the heart of celebration where everyone comes together to celebrate the festival. It is where friends and family member chat together and enjoy the meal. Decorating the table with Christmas centerpiece would be a fun way to make this interesting and attractive.

There are different centerpiece ideas of Christmas trees such as Magazine Christmas tree, Pine cone Christmas tree in a jar, white tree in a jar, pine cone in a vase, twigs in tin, Christmas picnic, a piece of tree stem cut and used as a table.

When should I buy a Christmas Tree?

Buying it during festive time would cost you more, however, your pre-purchase the artificial tree then it will cost you less just like buying Corporate Gift Baskets early saves money.

“When you should buy the Christmas tree”, is an important information you should be aware of. If you are willing to take fair care of your Christmas tree, you can keep it fresh up to six weeks. Therefore, you can pick your Christmas tree of choice at the very beginning of December at lower cost and still can keep it as green as newly purchased during the eve of the New Year.

Top 5 Long Lasting Christmas Trees 

  1. Concolor Fir
  2. Fraser fir
  3. Douglas Fir
  4. Scotch pine
  5. Spruce

Most Fragrant Christmas Tree

U.S is soon to experience the beautiful fragrance of the Christmas tree. Here are most fragrant Christmas trees that you should keep in your house or garden area to breath fresh.

Douglas fir and Fraser fir are gaining popularity recently due to its fragrance. Douglas is said to be the king of all types of real Christmas trees.  It takes 7 to 8 years for this tree to grow.

So, if you wish to make it a perfect festive celebration do consider this information and buy right Christmas tree.

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