History of Chinese Valentine’s Day

History of Chinese Valentine’s Day
Chinese valentine day celebrated on 7th day of the lunar of the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated in the china every year. It is a great day for love birds that are waiting since a long time. It has a different name like a double seventh festival, the daughter’s day or a sweet and simple Chinese valentine’s aday. In the English calendar it is going to be celebrated on 9th august 2016.You can easily make valentine’s day gifts delivery to China without any troubles.

But do you know why it is celebrated on the 7th day of the lunar month? Well, there is a long story but I will tell you in short.

The Love story 

The Love Story
It is a story of the poor cowherd and the 7th daughter of the emperor of heaven. He had one Ox to farm on the field every day, and that’s why he is called cowherd. And the 7th daughter is good at handcrafting and weaving beautiful clothes. His Ox was punished for his sins. Ox gets impressed by his good nature and tells him to go the brook if he needed a good life partner.

Here he saw the seven prettiest girls taking a bath in a brook. Cowherd liked the 7th daughter and snatched her clothes. 7th emperor girl gets worried and ask to give fairy clothes, without this she will not able to fly. Cowherd says you marry me then only I will give you clothes. She promises him and gets married to the cowherd. She had two children from cowherd living a peaceful life.

7th daughter was good in weaving clouds and rainbows. Emperor of 7th daughter feel that sky is not looking good, he forced her mother to take her into the sky. Grandmother took the 7th daughter in the sky. Cowherd with his children chases her with fairy clothes, but due to the Milky Way made by grandmother; both get separated with each other.

7th daughter was living in the Star Vega while the cowherd had to live in star Altair. Magpies and others get inspired by the true love and make a bridge to meet once in a year on the 7th day of the lunar month. It is a belief that magpies do not find on this day because they are busy in making a bridge for 7t daughter and cowherd,

The Stars

The Stars
Star Vega is acknowledged is Weaving Maid Star the 5th brightest star in the world. Star Altair is acknowledged as the cowherd star, the 11th brightest star in the sky.
Star Vega is the brightest star five times bigger than the sun. It can be visualized in the summer night easily. While Star Altair is the 11th brightest star cannot be visualized in the summer night. Two other stars Alshain and Tarazed is believed they are children of the cowherd and 7th daughter.

Tradition of Chinese Valentine’s Day

Traditionally married people go to the matchmaker temple and pray for the goodness and well being of life partner. Singles go to pray and get the matching partner. It is called a daughter’s day. Daughter washes the hair for stunning looks. it is a day of a daughter. There are most interesting seven activities for the girls to follow on this day.

Threading Needle

A weaving made was perfect in handcraft, so daughters need to needle a thread in the moon light, shine of the Star Vega. If the girl wins, she is going to get good life partner soon.

Young woman craves fruits

Young woman craves fruits most probably a watermelon for showing the demonstrative skill.

Tradition of Chinese Valentine’s DayMarried or single all have to sit on a table under the shine Star Vega with family members. Daughter need to needle a thread and while threading they have to look at the weaving made (Star Vega). It is a belief that girls who are singles get good life partners and married girls are blessed with good health of life partner.

Adorn the Ox

Because Ox was the medium of this love story, girls adorn ox with garlands and worship it.

The Date Differs from Year to Year


Year Date
2016 9th August
2017 28th August
2018 17th August
2019 7th August
2020 25th August
2021 14th August

How is It Celebrated Nowadays?

How it is celebrated Now a Days?As the time changes the celebrating idea is also changed. Some people uses the traditional idea by arranging a completion of inserting a needle in the mean time, who wins awarded with great reward. Daughter dresses beautifully and go to the matchmaker temple and pray for the good life partner. But some things are changed. Like married men buy flowers and give it to their wives.

While the singles looking for someone knee down and say I love you with giving a single red rose. Same as Valentine day this double seventh day is celebrated now. People enjoy this fest as a most romantic fest. Youngsters go for the long drive, arrange a big party and enjoy this fest with full fun.

The sweet love story of cowherd and weaving made is sweetly followed here to celebrate this love fest. See how inspiring and thoughtful the love story is. It is a belief that Star Vega and Star Altair come together on this day and meet each other.

Magpies build a bridge in the sky to meet the tow souls. 7th date of lunar is going to be celebrated on the 9th August 2016 in English calendar. This is going to be the most romantic day for the people who are in love or going to propose someone.

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