15 Best Spring Plants for Your Kitchen or Home

15 Best Spring Plants for Your Kitchen or Home

Find out 15 best spring houseplants to brighten up your kitchen counters and Home (Also Office). Spring is a harvesting time and here are the wonderful plants that can be easily grown during this season.

Instead of artificial, these real natural plants are absolutely a great choice for uplifting the ambiance of kitchen and home. Plants are the best source for providing fresh air and refresh the air. Feel the nature at home only through planting best spring indoor plants in your kitchen or home window. Here is the list.

1. English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

If you want beautiful and durable plant which absorbs maximum carbon dioxide, English Ivy is the best plant for the spring season. Its sharp leaves consistently purify the air and increase humidity. It is the perfect plant for hanging baskets on the window side of home or kitchen. But it needs sunlight for growing so hang it near to the sunlight location.

2. Aloe Vera

Everyone knows Aloe Vera is good for health. But, Aloe Vera is used as a multipurpose agent to cure skin problems. Stomach problems and even it helps in strengthening the muscles. In science, it is called “a plant of immortality”. That just not helps in treating physical diseases, but its succulent leaves also provide fresh air. It is better you grow aloe vera on the window side in the small pot. Sunlight is mandatory for growing this plant.

3. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

The Cast Iron plant is effortlessly a great plant for decorating home. It has bright green and leafy plants that can bare all types of weather condition. It is a best drought tolerant plant that can bear overheat, over watering or less watering too. In any condition, this doesn’t stop growing itself. In a kitchen, plants need to suffer overheating sometimes. So this is the perfect kitchen plant for a whole year.

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4. White Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)

Bring the sensational sense at home by growing aromatic jasmine plant. Giftblooms provides online plants delivery in USA to enlight the home. This plant purifies the air and also throws negative vibes from the home. Grow it in a ceramic or earth pot and put it aside from the window or a window side corner. Use it for a great kitchen decoration to remove bad kitchen odor and enhances kitchen ambiance too.

5. African Spear

If you do not have much time to care about kitchen plants, African Spear is a great deal. You must be busy in doing home and cooking activities. You might not get enough time every day for watering plants. African Spear is the plant that needs less attention. Water it when the soil gets hard and place it in the sunlight window. It can be survived by humidity, overheat and too cold weather. We can say it is the best suitable plant for all types of weather.

6. Goldfish Plant (Nematanthus hybrid)

Bright up the home side with a yellow goldfish plant. These plants are hard enough to consume the bad air and throw good oxygen in the home. It blooms in the pumpkin color goldfish shaped flower that enhances the beauty of the home. It is a low maintenance plant needs a partial sunlight and water when its soil gets hard.

7. Purple Rubber Tree Plant

Enjoy the life of real living at home by planting Purple Rubber Tree plant. During springtime, it is the best plant to harvest. Add an X-factor to your kitchen area with potting rubber tea plant on the kitchen window side. It helps in refreshing air and its deep purple foliage adds beauty to the kitchen. It comes from the drought-tolerant plants, nature so it doesn’t need much water to grow. It also bares hard winter times too. The low light of a bulb is enough for growing this plant.

8. Aluminum Plant (Pilea cadierei)

The best side to grow this plant in Spring is its shiny and attractive silver leaves. It has a great foliage of metallic color and that’s why its name is an aluminum plant. The silvery foliage will brighten up the kitchen window, even in the low light conditions.

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9. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

No need to prune it often times, no need to water it for every time, this can be survived in every condition. Spider plants are the best suitable indoor plant of all season. No worries if you provide a hanging basket, underneath or overhead cabinet to this plant, this can grow easily in any space of a home.

10. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema Crispum ‘Deborah’)

No pruning is required for this victory plant. A crown shaped growth of green leaves is an adaptable houseplant that keeps growing in every weather condition. It is a self-centered plant that takes care of itself naturally. It has a great capacity of removing toxins from the air and give a good amount of oxygen in the air. We also offer online lucky bamboo plants delivery service around the world.

11. Germanium

Germanium is a magnificent flower that improves health condition. Germanium is naturally a powerful antioxidant that immunes the body and aids in treating severe conditions like kidney problems, gastritis and helps in removing anxiety and stress. Just grow this flowering plant on your kitchen side, boil the flower petals in the water and drink it. Now, a Natural remedy is in your kitchen.

12. Try Succulents

Species of succulents and cacti, they are ideal to have at home as they are nearly maintenance free and do very well indoors. Succulents plants are hugely popular as houseplants.

13. Bonsai Plants

Bonsai Plants Delivery acknowledged the lucky plants that welcome the happiness in the homes. These miniature trees are available in every size. You can grow it as a centerpiece of the home or set it as a potted plant in the kitchen window side.

14. Snake Plant

Snake plant makes your task easy for enhancing the kitchen garden in Spring season. Add a style to your kitchen side by decorating snake plant into the kitchen side. It throws a good amount of oxygen in the night. It has hard succulent leaves that purify the air as well as beautify the bedside or kitchen window.

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15. Red-edged Dracaena

If you want the height plant to deck the center or corner of the home side, Red-edged Dracaena is the best plant for spring. The process of growing this plant is slow but it can reach 8 feet, height. It is the best home decor plant for living rooms in the moderate sunlight space. The plant has the best nature to remove pollutants and refresh the air.

Delight your kitchen or home with the very beautiful indoor plants for spring season mentioned over here. All spring plants are extremely useful and easy to grow in kitchen, garden, home, and office area. You can also go for green tea plants, ginger plants, garlic plants to get the refreshing herb without any cost.

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