Common Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Particular Occasion


Human life is so full of excitement and celebrations that we are dependent on occasional celebrations. In our monotonous life with work pressure, over time, and deadlines, occasions bring a gush of new fresh air to breathe in; to fill our lungs with positivity and the spirit of carrying on. The most significant token of celebrating occasions is the gifts. Since the gift is an abstract way of expressing emotions, it fits every occasion. Still, to help the consumers sort out easily their giveaways on special occasions, the experts have come up with a list of gifts perfect for specific occasions. Here is the list of common gifts to celebrate the occasions with your beloveds.

1. New Year:

New Year

The very first occasion that everyone waits eagerly for is the New Year. Every passing year never is the same for everyone; for some a year becomes spectacular; for some others, it turns out to be devastating. Hence, the New Year comes with two big open eyes filled with overflowing hope. And for this occasion, the perfect gift is the PLANT. A plant not just enhances the beauty of a house but also carries the essence of an occasion for longer. It is one such gift that if cared for properly lives more than the year. There are different kinds of plants for outdoor and indoor gardens. It is better to choose the gift according to the recipient’s plan or wish of gardening. A lucky bamboo plant or a spider plant is called the good luck plant that brings prosperity.

2. Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day

Love is the most connectable and universal feeling of the soul; it might have different expressions but the essence is the same. And the symbolic celebration of love throughout the world is Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February. On this day, there are different designs and patterns of gifts. Amongst them, the most popular one is the ROSE BOUQUETS. Rose is the flower of love, red is the color of it. A bouquet of red roses is the most popular and used form of gift for this occasion. A single red rose will also do the charm as same as that of the 50 piece grand red rose bouquets. Such a gift will melt your beloved’s heart. It would be the most beautiful gift that would melt your beloved Valentine’s heart. A bouquet of red roses with a personalized letter would be a great Valentine personalized gift ideas.

3. Easter:

for easter

Easter is a very holy occasion for Christians around the world. This occasion signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day from his crucifying act. The occasion celebrates this day as Easter Saturday. The quintessential gift for this occasion is Easter eggs and hanging ear bunnies. Hence, the best gift basket for this occasion is called the EASTER BASKET. An Easter basket includes varieties of gifts in Easter egg shapes-like the chocolates are of the egg shape. There are white bunny plush toys as well. Besides, there are snacks and cookies as well in the basket to celebrate the Easter evening together with your beloveds. There are many online gift basket delivery sites that categorize various gift baskets for this occasion of Easter.

4. Halloween:


Halloween is a spooky yet funny occasion to celebrate. It is a fall occasion when people deck up in different ghostly appearances; vampire, pennywise, Jason, zombies, and many more. The significant symbol of Halloween is spooky pumpkin lights. The best gift one can send to their beloved on this occasion is SPOOKY HALLOWEEN DÉCOR.  There are different iconic décor items available for this occasion. These are the crescent moon, pumpkin décor, spooky spiders and cob-web, popping eyeballs, paper vampires, faux hands and skeletons, and many more. Getting this gift basket will make your beloved feel so thrilling to prepare for the occasion and celebration. Such a décor will perfectly reflect the essence of the occasion. As this is a very popular occasion to celebrate in the USA, you can send gifts online to USA to your beloved to celebrate it properly.

5. Thanksgiving:


Thanksgiving is an occasion that connects the people around us. We all are very much thankful to people around us, but not every single day we get the chance to say them ‘thank you’ Hence this occasion is a symbolic celebration of that. The best and most common gift for this occasion is FEAST ON FOOD. A collective dinner can be the most remarkable way of celebrating this occasion with the people who matter the most. The common thanks-giving platter includes a whole turkey feast, spiral sliced and honey swapping ham, bacon with spring peas, mushroom-bacon-artichoke frittata along with three cheese shredded potatoes. However, this meal can be arranged in the home by cooking or can be ordered from online gift shops where there are options of customization as well.

6. Christmas:


If there is one occasion that can be globally called a universal celebration, it is Christmas. On the 25th of December, the whole world celebrates Jesus Christ’s birthday with cake and Christmas tree decorations. The perfect gift to reflect this occasion is various GIFT BASKETS. Gift baskets are the wiser choice of gifts as within one basket, there can be gifts for many. There are fruit gift baskets, cake gift baskets, wine, flowers, snacks, chocolates, and many more to add to gift basket varieties. Some of them are mixed gift baskets. Most of the online sites provide the option of customization and choice of gifts for this occasion. This is the occasion of spreading love and care to everyone through these gift baskets.

7. Birthday Gift:

Birthday Gift

Birthday is the most awaited day for everyone in the whole year. On this day, everyone deserves to be treated specially. A birthday gift does not have and specific choice; it depends on what the birthday person likes and what kind of relation the sender shares with the recipient. However, the most convenient birthday gift is CAKE. A birthday cake completes the whole essence of the celebration. The cake must be of the person’s personal favorite so that he/she can enjoy it the most.

8. Anniversary Gift:

Anniversary Gift

Anniversary is the celebration of the milestone occasion of marriage. Just as every year we celebrate our birthdays, we celebrate our marriages every year as the anniversaries. For this occasion, any nostalgic gift will be amazing. Still, the PERSONALIZED GIFTS are the best. It can be a piece of sharing jewelry, a photo-frame, a portrait, a couple of watches, or even a letter. With the personal touch, the gift becomes more special for the couple. Apart from these, there are many other affordable anniversary gift ideas as well.

Gifts make the occasion more memorable. Above are the most common gifts to send to your beloveds to celebrate this perfect occasion.

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