Different Kind of Candies Which is Suitable for Birthday

Candies are always perfect and suitable dessert calls the sassy birthday party. If your kid’s or family member’s birthday is kicking soon prepare dessert table following different types of bulk candies. Perfect candy arrangement celebrates the occasion fullest. If you are thinking to go with the same theme you can easily arrange it with different kind of candies. Here we are going to give you the complete knowledge about all types of candies which are easily available in an online candy shop. You can book bulk in order to give the best discount and wholesale rates. Each and every candy has its own flavor and taste, so select the candy as per your kid’s taste and order as per.

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Mint Candy

Refreshing and cooling mint candy is reserved as the best candy to give such an after-taste cooling feel. There are so many flavors of mint candies like Starlight Mints, Andes Mints, dinner mints, peppermints to keep the mouth refreshing all the time. Peppermint candy or colored mint candies are most popular in kids. You can buy different colored candies in bulk at one time and deck the dessert table with different colored candy. You can use mason jars or wine glasses and fill the candies inside. If you have a large number of mints candy you can also give it in the goodies bag for thank you favor at the end.

Sour Candy

If you want to fill their mouth with tangy and naughty citrusy flavor get sour candy on the table. This will add an extra punch of hot and spicy flavor which will make the guest’s tongue dance. Enjoy them fruitily and tangy taste of sour lemon, orange, purple grape, sour cherry fruits candy for the lip licking flavor.

Liquid and Gel Candies

Go through the squeeze and gooey gel candies melt in mouth effortlessly. No matter it is kid’s birthday party or adults life celebration, liquid and gel candies are always rated at the top on candy table. From 1 year to 100-year-old all age can enjoy the liquid form of candies. There are too many choices starting from Baby Lucas to tart super sweet spray is called to allure the taste buds. You can buy mini lip licker rolls, squeeze candy tubes, squeeze pop liquid lollipops in bulk and enjoy the kids drinking mouthwatering candies.

Novelty Candies

Get the keepsake box along with novelty candies.  For special effects, you can arrange a baby doll small purse and fill it with candies. Or you can give a Mickey Mouse bottle or cola bottle filled with candies. For more inspiration, you can make printable boxes at home also. Or for a special fun of children get crayon theme candy box, baby bottle pops and many other inspirational designs of keepsake boxes from the online candy shop.

Rock Candy

Rock the birthday party with crystallized rock candies. A hard and super crispy hard rock candy sticks are made for the sugar addicts. If you want to uplift the mood of the party than this rock candy will blast the party. A very hard but melts smoothly giving such a nice kick to a tongue, you never tasted before. All from cola flavor to mint flavor, grapes to apple flavor, red cherry to sour cold flavor all are mixed in crystal sugar to give the utmost taste to a tongue. It is an all age candy; from child to adult all can get the fun of melting sugar slowly and live the delicious taste after.


In candy world, lollipops are rating at the top to decorate the candy table. Lollipop candies are subjected to all age to bring back the childhood days. From flower lollipops, to flat circle shape, heart shape to lip shape every shape can be designed in lollipop making. You will get the ultimate designs of lollipops from an online candy shop. If you do not know, let us tell you that there are unlimited tastiest flavors incorporated with lollipops to serve in occasions. From small to big size all sizes lollipops are now available for crafting style candy table.

Marshmallow Candies

A soft, buttery lighter than air marshmallow candy is popular to deck the candy table nowadays. Be more crafty using different color and shapes marshmallow candies filled with the mason jars or wine glasses. Lighter than air fluffy and puffy poles, chocolate marshmallow bears is a fluffy treat to enjoy party guests. Hello, kitty marshmallow pops is also a hot favorite idea to give a blast of a candy buffet.

Jelly Beans

Enjoy the colored table decorated with colored jelly beans. A vast range of fruit jelly beans available for giving a perfect rainbow look to the candy table. Ask for orange jelly, lemon flavored yellow jelly, red cherry jelly; well there is no end of jelly beans. They are easier to shop and buy on a budget. Lip locking jelly belly surely going to add a special kick to a sweet tooth.

Sweet to savory, tangy to sugary we have given complete knowledge about all types of candies over here. Not just that you can use for candy table decoration, candy gift basket delivery is also a great choice to send the birthday gift for the closest friends and family members.

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