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Eight Best Home Office Plants to make you more Creative

Home Office Plants

Plants can transform any space whether it is a workspace or home space. It will make the place more peaceful, transform and turn it into an engaging space. If you or your loved one is a green thumb it is a wonderful gift. There are plants that are really beneficial because they not only make the space brighter and beautiful but they even purify the surrounding atmosphere cleaning toxins from the surrounding air. So if you are searching for the indoor plants you are in the right place. We have here compiled some right best home and office plants that are great picks for your home décor or working desk. Moreover won’t need you to take a degree in horticulture because they are very easy to take care of plants and can do with little attention, care and nurturing.

1] Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

If you are a person who is not good at looking after plants then this is a perfect pick for you. This plant needs watering once in two weeks and can live happily in pots and hanging planters. Plant grows very fast so you must use pot or planter with plenty of space. This plant is also famous for its good air cleaning properties. You can order amazing and affordable gifts from the online gift shop and treat your near and dear ones with lovely gifts for their special day to convey your love and greetings.

2] Kentia Palms

Kentia Palms

This plant is famous for being a great table and countertop centerpiece. It is a perfect pick for both your home as well as office. Moreover, it is quite low maintenance and it can thrive in low light to dark places. It can tolerate warm as well as cool air. As these plants grow tall they are great space-saving options. Make Bonsai Plant Delivery to your loved ones and wish them congratulations on their housewarming ceremony and other events.

3] Bromeliads Plants

Bromeliads Plants

These plants need a little bit of care and love and once they start blooming they need very little to low care. Plants do not need much fertilizer and are extremely drought tolerant. These plants can be grown in any type of container. Plants may take some time to bloom but it is definitely worth the wait because they will turn out so beautiful. This plant has striking color and beautiful blooms and thus they are perfect for reception areas and when dotted along the corridors. You simply need occasional watering and not much fertilizer for this plant.

4] Spider Plants

Spider Plants

This is a green and white striped plant that can plant in a hanging pot or can also be set on a high shelf if space is very less. This plant does not need a lot of suns and it can also survive with infrequent watering. These plants are also one of the most adaptable and easiest to grow plants. Plants are name Spider plants because they dangle down from the mother plant just like spiders do on the web. These plants are perfect for a newbie gardener who does not have much gardening knowledge.

5] Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy

This plant is a type of evergreen vine and it has heart-shaped leaves. The leaves come in a variety of light and dark colors. The one great thing about these plants is they can adapt quickly to a variety of office conditions whether it is low light or bright light space. Also, these plants can be easily taken care of and are resistant to insect infestations. Even NASA has recommended this plant because of its air purifying attributes. This plant looks great in big pots on the floor or larger specimens look great around pole or cane.

6] Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamina

This plant is commonly called weeping fig and it is a versatile plant. It looks attractive whether it is standing alone or is a part of a mixed display. This plant grows wild in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, India, and Northern Australia. Make sure you keep these plants away from cold drafts entering through doors and windows. The young plants develop from seeds lodged in branches of other trees and soon produce the aerial roots that will reach down to the ground. Send Plants online to your friends and relatives for special occasions and convey your wishes through these meaningful and thoughtful gift plants.

7] Viper’s Bowstring Hemp

Viper’s Bowstring Hemp

This plant is more commonly called a snake plant and it is incredibly robust. This plant will help filter toxins in the air and thus make it a great plant for home as well as office. Because of this, it can also make a nice plant with space with no airflow. You can keep this plant on your desk so that you can breathe the clean air. This Home Office Plants can also thrive in dry and well-drain soil. This plant can survive in so many different types of environment and it can also survive with infrequent watering.

8] Peace Lily

Peace Lily

These plants have wide, broad and deep green leaves. Plants grow very beautiful white flowers which have given them this common name. These plants are popular because they do not need a lot of light and they are also forgiving if we occasionally overwater these plants. Plants are known for their major properties that cleaning the air. It helps in removing toxins from the surrounding atmosphere and creates a nice environment in which one can work. This plant is tolerant of low light and it is also a vigorous grower. These plants work so well for the screening and focal interest. There are so many home office plants listed on our online gift store which will make really great gifts for your dear ones for various special occasions.

We hope these best eight home office plants make your interiors bright and calm your body and soul so that you can be more creative at home and work.

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