Top 10 Baking and Cake Decorating Trends for 2018

Top 10 Baking and Cake Decorating Trends 2018

Baking trends are changing year to year. The 2018 year comes with more modern times baking trends. If you do not know it, let us show you. We have described deeply to show the baking and cake decorating techniques of 2018, please see to it right hereunder. Botanical Flavors The botanical baking recipe is most […]


Impress Your Friend with Authentic German Cakes

With social media in our life, we become friends with so many people around the world. Inviting them, get together and how can you forget sleepovers? During such times, indulging in something sweet while snuggling with a pile of blankets is a must. A delicious treat which consists of multiple layers along with creamy frosting […]


7 Best Cakes that Make Easy Hosting Christmas for Australia

December is a festival month. It is the Christianity and Judaism that have their origin festival in this period of time. But the whole world celebrates these festivals. If one has to name a universal festival, it is none other than Christmas. And Christmas has its own symbol of representation. It is the Christmas cake. […]

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7 Reasons to Choose Gift blooms Cake Delivery in Netherlands

What makes Giftblooms stand apart is our continuous efforts in striving for the best. We aim at providing products of exceptional value to our loyal customers. Here are top 7 reasons why you should choose us for cake delivery in Netherlands for an amazing experience. 1. Wide and Extensive Collections of Cakes The celebration is […]

9 Healthy Birthday Cake with Luxury Taste in Malaysia

9 Healthy Cake with Luxury Taste in Malaysia

The cake is a deserving treat for a milestone celebration of life. There are various types of cake available which are tastier and healthier too. Here are some good cakes that are rich with healthy ingredients. You can buy and get such type of healthy cake online from an online cake shop. Healthy Cake with […]

10+ Classic and Traditional British Cake that loved by Nation

10+ Classic and Traditional British Cake that Loved by Nation

Cakes have always been the delicacy of every occasion. From birthday to anniversary, every occasion, the celebration is incomplete without a delicious cake. There are different types of cakes as per the customers’ choices. Some like theme-based cakes. Some are fond of old-classic and traditional cakes. Here is a list of 10+ classic and traditional […]

7 Trendy Smash Cake Ideas for Kid's 1st Birthday

7 Trendy Smash Cake Ideas for Kid’s 1st Birthday

Cake smash photo shoot is a trick to capture the sweetest moment of your kid’s first birthday party. The thought behind it to preserve precious moments. A photo shoot requires perfect decoration. If you have no idea about it, get an idea from here. We have followed inspiring cake smash ideas to get the stunning […]

classic and delicious cake ideas for france

Top 11 Classic and Delicious Cake Ideas for France

French people have always proven that they do take their desserts seriously. It’s not about just a cake for them, they have much more to show you and amaze you with their love for sweetness. Here are some of the classical 11 cake and delicious cake ideas from France that you can order cake online. […]

Birthday Themes Cake Ideas for Children

11 of The Best Birthday Themes Cake Ideas for Children

You can not overlook kids birthday ever. Kids always demand a grand party and obviously a decorated cake. Our mind questions sometimes of how to get the best birthday theme cakes. We have invited some famous themes that can be applied to your kid’s birthday party. This will make your task easy of choosing a […]