Know How Long Cookies Last and Tips to Store Them

Cookies are one of the best treats that people like to have regardless of special occasions. Theirs is nothing better than a gooey and a soft cookie out of the oven. But keeping these cookies fresh is a big challenge and that is something we spend a lot of time thinking about. Thus we are […]


Best Way to Upcycle the Leftover Cookies for the Summer

Summer has arrived and we have got you the best information about how to upcycle the leftover cookies. When you have many cookie boxes left unused. Some gifted in Easter some hand-baked. We can’t eat the same cookies at all times. We need something that can make the mood for eating. Somehow we tend to […]


Famous Easter Cookies to Gift for the Best Celebration

Easter is going to arrive soon. Hence people tend to celebrate this festival by sending Easter gifts to family and friends. Easter is a declared holiday and celebrated by the Christian community. Easter celebration is to rejoice the resurrection of their almighty Jesus Christ. So here we got you the list of famous Cookie Hamper […]


Yummy 7 Canadian Cookie Exchange Collections

It is always a good time to treat yourself and your loved ones with something sweet. You can go through our collection of classic Canadian cookies and squares; there are so many options to choose from. Cookies are not just about holiday season but one can enjoy these special treats all round the year. Moreover, […]


7 Cute and Yummy Cookies for Kids Birthday Party Celebration

You would want to do your best when you are arranging your kid’s birthday party, everything starts with an invitation, to planning the food menu, cake, decoration, and whatnot. After spending so much time prepping you still won’t feel enough as it is your little one’s birthday party and the guests would also be the […]


Tasty and Crunchy Cookies for Various Occasions from Giftblooms

Cookies are beautiful baked goods, loved by everyone around the world. Made up of flour, sugar, and a type of oil or fat even. It’s a snack one can pop in their mouths whenever they feel like and won’t be full still. These cookies have a famous type, which is what everyone prefers anyway – […]


8 Healthy Cookies for Kids and Old People they will Love to Eat

Even if there are holidays approaching or not but some staple snacks that are always are one’s home are cookies. But many times we get worried whether it is healthy enough to consume cookies daily for our kids and grandparents at home. They keep munching cookies and we cannot tell them no. So rather than […]


7 Delicious and Crunchy Chocolate Cookies for your Kids

. Kids love cookies and kids love chocolates. No matter it is Christmas or not, little ones are always too excited for different cookies especially chocolate cookies. You can treat your little ones with these lovely cookies and make their day brighter. These cookies can also be given to kids on their birthday and festivals. […]


7 Best Ideas for Pairing Cookies with your Favourite Drink

The drink is one of the best things which encourage the human body, it gives instant energy. There are lots of drinks available in the market; some people like to take the soft drinks while some like to take the hard drink. Drink refresh the mind in a quick time, most of the people like […]


7 Cookies variation Ideas that all Ages of People will Love

Cookies are one of the favorite snacks that people all over the world admire and are popular throughout the world with different type of names. Over the years cookies has gained the name and has become everyone’s favorite finger food. Different have their own recipe and texture of the cookie they like. Cookies are so […]