Seven Yummy Congratulations Cookies for every Occasion

Special occasions call for celebrations. Nothing can say Congratulations like a delicious cookie bouquet. It could be anything from celebrating a baby’s birth to a wedding anniversary or high school graduation to a housewarming ceremony. Cookies will make the celebration even sweeter. Flowers are pretty, but they don’t taste good. These cookies can be arranged […]


Distinctive Ways to Celebrate Birthday With Cookies and Some Popular Cookies

Birthdays come just once a year and so you must make this occasion very special for your dear one. You might consider cookies if you are trying to make someone’s special day extraordinary. Cookies are the best birthday treats and are absolutely scrumptious. Moreover, there is a wide variety of options for cookies. We present […]


Cookie Favors Inspirations for The Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to wedding favors, you will want to delight your guest with edible treats. It is a thoughtful way to say thank you for their presence on your special day. Cookies are a great treat and you can also personalize them for a particular occasion like a wedding. With these yummy treats, you […]


Tips to Host an Out of the Box Cookie Swap Party

We love to make memories that will stay around and would be a source of cherishing. Parties are the best ways to create memories. A dessert can make a party so enjoyable. Cookies swap is one of the best ways of celebrating moments in family gatherings. When the budget is short to arrange a whole […]


Baking Tips to Expert Your Next Batch of Cakes and Cookies

People learn how to bake cakes and cookies from various locations. There are professionals baking tips from which you can learn the best way of baking. Not only do they understand and learn how to bake things but also some people make a profession out of it. Below are some of the baking tips to […]


Cookie Decorating Tips That Will Be Useful For The Next Tea Party

If you are new to the world of cookie decorating then you are at the right place. You will find everything you need to about royal icing, cookie shapes, stenciling, and many more cookie decorating tips and tricks. Every one of us loves cookies and eating them and we want our cookies to be decorative […]


Why are Cookies a Better Just Because Gift Idea?

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love cookies. Cookies are not only delicious but eating them makes you feel good. You sometimes don’t know what you can treat your loved ones to let them know you miss them. Food gifts are one of the best and out of all the food gifts, cookies are a great […]

CookiesJust Because

Know How Long Cookies Last and Tips to Store Them

Cookies are one of the best treats that people like to have regardless of special occasions. Theirs is nothing better than a gooey and a soft cookie out of the oven. But keeping these cookies fresh is a big challenge and that is something we spend a lot of time thinking about. Thus we are […]


Best Way to Upcycle the Leftover Cookies for the Summer

Summer has arrived and we have got you the best information about how to upcycle the leftover cookies. When you have many cookie boxes left unused. Some gifted in Easter some hand-baked. We can’t eat the same cookies at all times. We need something that can make the mood for eating. Somehow we tend to […]


Famous Easter Cookies to Gift for the Best Celebration

Easter is going to arrive soon. Hence people tend to celebrate this festival by sending Easter gifts to family and friends. Easter is a declared holiday and celebrated by the Christian community. Easter celebration is to rejoice the resurrection of their almighty Jesus Christ. So here we got you the list of famous Cookie Hamper […]