9 Exotic and Tropical Flowers to do Colorful Arrangement

Tropical are always amazing, they are bold in colour and are of unique shapes. These tropical flowers add unique charm to the flower arrangements. These flowers can tolerate heat and humid environments but they do not bloom in cold. Many people consider these tropical flowers exotic and they are not quite aware about the tropical […]


Find the Perfect Flower Bouquet Based On Your Astrology Sign

Flowers have the best interpretation of everything attached to it- from occasions to sun-signs. Here are some perfect Flower Bouquet based on the astrological signs. 1) Scorpio-> Flower: Geranium Scorpio is the most passionate sun signs of them all. They are full of love, emotions, and desires. Scorpios perform sporadic yet meaningful acts of love […]

Beautiful Flower Arrangements in Cyprus

Beautiful Flower Arrangements in Cyprus

Pink Sunset   Light and bright pink blooms are always graceful to blossom. Pink roses are the significance of spreading joy and happiness. They are the perfect to give in wedding anniversary, birthday, baby shower and many other special occasions. Here is the beautiful pink sunset blossom adorned with fresh blooms and Kaiser pink, fuchsia […]


Sending Flowers to USA? 7 Things You Need to Know About USA

Is there anybody who doesn’t like to receive flowers as a gift? Well, you will hardly get one! Flowers are one of the prettiest gifts ever which can bring smile to anyone’s face. It augments the beauty of an occasion and brings positive vibes. It adds warmth to anyone’s heart and makes you feel calm. […]


Romantic Trip to Cyprus on Your Anniversary

The wedding is one of the most remarkable days of each person’s life. It’s a new beginning of your life that you promise to share with another person, your life partner. Swears by many vows bind the two persons with each other for eternity. Every year, the marriage date is the day to celebrate the […]

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4th Of July: Patriotic Flower Arrangement in Bucket with 10 Simple Steps

Had you been wishing to make a patriotic flower arrangement in a simplest and easiest way? Here we bring you one of the easiest ways to make it without using anything more expensive. Arrange in bucket and you will have the best visuals to display in your garden or at the event. Using the grocery […]


3 Efficient Ways To Send Flowers Without Breaking Your Bank

Birthday? Anniversary? Time for some gift. Thinking of gift and the one thing that invariably pops up in the mind is a flower. The beauty, essence of flowers will surely arose the spirit and we are sure to see the curve on the face. If you are thinking to surprise your loved one then the […]

Diffrent name of Pride of barbados

National Flower of Barbados – Pride of Barbados

The National Flower of Barbados is the Pride of Barbados which is a shrub. Red variety with the Yellow Margin on the petals accepted as a National Flower of Barbados. It appears on the Barbados Coat of Arms. This flower blooms all year round and the more common variety found is the fiery red and yellow […]


Tulip Festival in Srinagar

Tulips are generally associated with Holland since they are the largest producers of tulip flowers, in the world. However, the original Tulip flowers came from Persia, or modern-day Iran and it was the same place from which Kashmir got tulips. Srinagar which is regarded as the Tulip terrain and has the largest Tulip garden in […]