Gorgeous Christmas Plants to Have at Home During the Festivity

As the snow starts, some of the best Christmas plants start to bloom. Thus it is the right time to bring them home for the season. Festive plants get us into the holiday spirit and help in getting rid of the seasonal depression. There are plenty of decorative Holiday plants that are the best for […]

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What is The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants?

There are different types of plants and trees around us in many sizes, ages, and qualities. Some plants survive for a day while some for hundreds of years. Despite the variety, the life cycle of plants and trees is divided into 5 stages through which they complete their span. Today we are here to talk […]


List of Non-Toxic Plants That are Safe to Gift

Gifts are one of the things which are good to give, they will express your love and feeling towards anyone. People around the world are going to search for the best gift so that they can give it to their beloved ones. Plants are one of the best choices a person can use to give […]


The Top Secret to Style Plants at Your Home Space

Plants are the thing which is of multiple-use and people around the world are going to take the greatest benefits of it. There are many plants available across the world which is useful for decoration purposes and for other such things. People love to keep such plants at home which gives them better look along […]


Edible Plants That Are Easy To Grow In Your Garden

If you love eating organic herbs then you must read this article. We know in this chemical world not everything is pure and organic. But we can eat fresh herbs and veggies by growing them in the kitchen garden. It’s a new concept for homeowners. Now anyone can grow healthy fruits, veggies, and herbs in […]


7 Special Indoor Air Purifier Plant for Healthy Family

Home is where the heart is. We all dream to have a home of our own- be it big or small. There are different ways in which we can decorate the house. With arts, crafts, natural elements – we try to make our house look like our home. However, the best home décor is the […]


Gifts For Plant Lovers: A Gift Guide to Perfect The Garden

The gift is one of the things which is loved by everyone. People like to give a gift to their beloved ones, friends and family person. At the current time, there are many gift options available across the world. And depending upon the choice of a person, a gift should be selected. If you are […]


List of Plants and Reason Why Houseplants make you Happy

When we are surrounded by nature, happy. It is all because we get fresh air to breathe. We got oxygenated air that lifts our senses and rejoices our mind, body, and soul. Even doctors also tell patients to go hill stations or in nature places to recover. Good fresh air connects to the brain. A […]


6 Occasions You Can Gift Plants And Make It The Best

Plant gift is a justifying gift for the people who believe in nurturing environment. We all know that we are lacking oxygen in the air and that’s why the big pandemic attacked the whole world. An indoor plant is the best substitute to make someone know you really care. Indoor or outdoor plants, both have […]


Best Plants to Have at Your Corporate Office for a Calm Environment

Plants at office are as important as the team games and other staff moral strategies. Different studies have proved that plants boosts productivity. Indoor plants also prevent fatigue during attention demanding work. Science proves benefits like increased efficiency by having plants in office space. You can keep your office environment thriving by choosing some plants […]