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Ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day

Ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day

If you are the couple who got engaged or married on Valentine’s Day. You have to be more prepared because you really got to make this day extra special for your better half. You are commemorating two holidays in one and thus make it memorable for both of you. While people on Valentine’s Day are celebrating love, you guys have to celebrate your togetherness too and also have to cherish the times you have spent together. It is really difficult to think of celebration ideas that help you celebrate both Valentine’s Day as well as your anniversary. But as we are here, you do not have to worry at all because we have got you covered. We are here with some of the best ideas to celebrate your Valentine Anniversary.

  1. Visit your Wedding Venue

This is one of the most thoughtful ideas as it will bring back so many memories. Moreover, it is not so easy to do this unless you got married at a restaurant, hotel, beach, park, etc. You can simply go there on your anniversary day and relive that magical day and also celebrate Valentine’s Day there. Trust us this is one of the fun ways to commemorate both your holidays. Valentines Anniversary can be celebrated in so many special ways and thus we are here to help you with the same.

  1. Present a Unique Gift

Present a Unique Gift

One of the best ways to celebrate in any occasion is by presenting a gift to your special as the gift would function as a sign of love to your dear one. Romance is associated with so many different types of gifts and thus we are here with the few below.

  • Chocolate

Chocolates are the best gifts for love occasions. These chocolate surprises will make your dear one’s day even sweeter and chocolates are also synonymous with romance. You can send Valentine’s chocolates to your special ones and express your heartiest feelings to them in the sweetest manner.

  • Flower Bouquet

Flowers are a traditional symbol of love and years back people used to express their feelings with gorgeous and colorful blooms. Different flowers are associated with different feelings and thus you can present your partner with blooms that would express love and affection. You can pre order Valentine’s Day flowers from our online flower shop. So that they will get delivered to the love of your life on Valentine Anniversary and will help you convey your love feelings to them.

  • Perfume

Perfume is one of the most underrated gifts but actually one of the most thoughtful and long-lasting gifts. Your partner would wear this perfume. Its fragrance would linger around for the whole time which would remind them of you.

  • Gift Basket

Gift baskets are one of the best-curated gifts as they are filled with the gifts, goodies, and treats loved by your special one. Anyone would be delighted to receive a gift basket that is filled with amazing surprises.

  1. Bake Anniversary Cake Together

If both of you are sweet tooth then nothing will make you happier than treating each other with the delicious anniversary cake. Just like cooking together is a fun activity so is baking, in fact, it is even more fun. So both of you can bake a delicious anniversary cake and celebrate your love and togetherness. You can simply bake your favorite cake and cover it with lots of chocolates and strawberries. Make Valentine’s Day cake home delivery to your better half if you guys are away from each other on this day of love and make your partner’s day sweeter.

  1. Plan a Vacation

Plan a Vacation

It is a perfect opportunity to plan a vacation when you have to celebrate these two occasions together. You can hit the road and enjoy each other’s company. There are so many places you guys can go from beaches to national parks to mountains or to some luxury stay. Trust the place doesn’t matter, it is the love that will make you guys feel more in love. Also, you guys will be refresh and will bounce back to your work after a good vacation. There are many couples who have got their wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day and thus their Valentine Anniversary has to be a blast.

  1. Throw a Party

If you guys love celebrating with your loved ones then it is the best idea to throw a party. You guys can invite your friends and family to celebrate your anniversary day and the official day of love. You can order delicious food and have some music so that everyone can enjoy the party. We have heard this saying “More the merrier” and thus we bet you are going to really enjoy yourself a lot with your loved ones around. You can ideas for Valentine’s gifts for him and her from our online gift site so that you can surprise your respective other with the best kind of Valentine’s Day gifts.

We hope these amazing ideas will help you celebrate your Valentine Anniversary. You will have the best and most romantic times of your life. If you are looking for what to do when you forget Valentine’s Day then you are at the right place because we can help you find ways and gifts that will delight your partner.

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