National Wine Day: Do Seven Things to Celebrate this Day

National Wine Day is often confused with National Drink Wine Day of which the former falls on 25th May every year and latter on February 18th every year. You can round up your favorite wine drinking buddies and indulge yourselves in wine related activities and have the best time. For the wine drinkers, it may be their favorite day of the year. Also the weather around this time is so good as April showers would have passed, flowers would be budding and the weather would be little warm. Shortly after Mother’s Day this day falls and you have another reason to celebrate. If you are a true wine lover then you must definitely celebrate this day. Also if you know of an absolute wine lover, you can surprise them with some wine gifts so they can also celebrate. You simply have to order wine online from gift shops and let the wine do its work. Drinking wine doesn’t need any excuse, but as a wine lover you must do justice to this day. Thus we are here with some fun ways to celebrate National wine day with your near and dear ones.

Give Gifts to a Wine Lover

Valentine’s Day is already gone and Christmas is too far to gift something to your loved ones. But you can treat the wine lovers in your life with amazing wines on National wine day. You also got the excuse to treat your loved one and this type of surprise will sure brighten your dear one’s day who loves wine or also for the casual wine drinker. You can browse from wine lover’s gift guide from our online gift store and treat your dear one with a small, unexpected gift.

Dress up your Wine Bottles

If you love fashion, you would love this idea. We know you might not in Napa or Dorothy but you be able to still add some serious style to your wine. You can order different types of wine holders online or bottle stoppers that will elevate the look of your wine. Make wine gift delivery to your friends and relatives on special occasions and festivals to convey your greetings through classic wines delivery.

Throw Wine Tasting Party

You can invite home your closest wine loving friends for a little wine tasting party. You can either arrange for different wines by ordering online or you can also ask your buddies to bring their favorite wine each. You can also arrange for gourmet foods to eat along with wine and to make this more fun you can also play some wine tasting games like the one where people have to guess the wine blind folded so you will know who is a wine connoisseur.

Décor Party with Wine Bottles

One more clever way to make good use of the empty wine bottles is to decorate those wine bottles and use it as décor for your home. You can simply use it as art pieces but if you want to be more creative and artful you can also use them as lamps by incorporating bulbs inside the bottles by cutting them. Trust us this kind of décor would look so vintage and classy.

Drink Wine

The most obvious and the best way to celebrate National Wine Day are by drinking wine. Pour wine straight from the bottle or spice up things for this important occasion with a cool and refreshing cocktail. It is a holiday and it requires celebration, so even if you do not have you loved ones around you can celebrate this day. Also when you have wine by your side, you do not really need anyone else because you can sure celebrate with wine even if you are drinking alone.

Make Wine Rack

If you do not have a designated bar cart, we are sure wine bottles would be cluttering your counters. So for this you can make an easy DIY wine rack that will keep your bottles on hand and ready to go. Through this you won’t even have any fear that the bottles will break. You can make a wine rack sleek in design and which is easy to make. Send birthday wine gifts online to your near and dear ones for their special day and wish them a very happy birthday.

Put Cork in it

If you are wine lover and you are planning to celebrate National Wine Day we are here with a fun celebration idea. You would sure have a container at your home filled with wine corks, if you consider yourself a wine lover. So on this special day you can put those corks to good use by turning them into a trivet. This functional trivet will look perfect in your kitchen. And if you do not collect the corks start collecting them from today because there are so many ways you can use these corks by getting creative.

We hope these amazing seven things will help you celebrate National wine Day in the most fun and frolic way.

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