Special Designer Birthday Cake Ideas for your Favorite Person

There’s really no birthday party, if there’s no cake. Thus you can make a birthday party sweeter with a frosted confection. There are number of cakes you can choose from to make your special one’s birthday memorable. Thus the best way to make someone’s birthday the best birthday ever to you can surprise them with […]


Candytuft – A Plant of the Brassicaceae Family

Candytuft is an evergreen perennial that is a 12 to 18 inch flowering beauty. This plant is a European native. This flower is generally white in color but many cultivars have pink or lilac blooms. These are delicate flowers that appear in early spring through summer and sometimes rebloom in fall. They are the members […]

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Campanula Latifolia – A Plant of Campanulaceae Family

This flower belongs to Bellflower Family that is Campanulaceae. It is a perennial herb and the plant is commonly called Large Campanula or wide leaved bellflower. It is 20 to 25 inches in height and blooms between July to August. This genus comprises of more than 300 species that are spread across northern hemisphere. These […]

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Grandfather’s 80th Birthday Gift Ideas to Surprise Him

If you are blessed with grandfather you are the luckiest person in the world. And when grandfather turns into 80 ages it feels like you have got the best time to make him happy. Grandfathers are the best friend of life. They help us in teaching moral values and lessons of life. 80’s age is […]


6 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenager Boy

Entering teenage is a big milestone. This is the time when you will notice so many changes in the boy gradually he would be transforming into an adult. It is the most exciting time for both the child as well as his parents as the boy would go through so many changes and adopt some […]


Calla Lily – A Plant of the Araceae Family

These flowers belong to Araceae family and are excellent Houseplant. The common name of this flower is arum lily, trumpet lily, Pig lily or Miniature Calla Lily. This flower is native to Southern Africa. The flowers are long petioled basal leaves that arise from thick rhizome. The trumpet shaped bract is covered with tiny flowers […]

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Calendula Officinalis – A Plant of Asteraceae Family

This flower belongs to Daisy Family Compositae and is an annual herb. The flower is commonly called Marigold, Garden Marigold, English Marigold and Scottish Marigold. These flowers are 4 to 7 cm wide and are single flowers like capitula that are surrounded by involucral bracts. The flowering time of the blooms is June to October. […]

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7 Creative Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents are the best friend of life. When we do mistakes or we find ourselves in trouble we tell grandparents immediately then parents. My grandparents are close friends and I am very open to them. They know my habits, my nature, and everything. And so, for this reason, I don’t hesitate to express every feeling […]

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Brunfelsia – A Plant of the Solanaceae Family

This plant belongs to Solanaceae family and its botanical name is Brunfelsia calycina. It is a semi deciduous shrub species of flowering that grows in light woodland ad thickets. Thus shrub can grow up to feet in height and spread across 12 feet. It is mostly cultivated for its fragrant flowers. It is native to […]

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