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Should Christians Celebrate Easter Sunday?

It is very sad to know that after the Easter Sunday celebration, people are more concerned about the Easter eggs rather than knowing about the Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The importance of Eater is divided in different religion around the world.But, today very few among you are interested to know the history of Easter.

Some Christian religions believe that Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny are an innocent tradition that is carried by the culture and can be incorporated in every Easter Sunday celebration. On the other hand people from other religion, has a complete opposite way to celebrate. They include horror them in their celebration, which involves, pagan rituals and child sacrifices. However, the sacrifice is made to the spring fertility goddess.

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Moreover, Easter bunnies and eggs are not the traditional ritual of Easter. In fact, its origin is related to the spring fertility ritual. Thus, there is a constant debate running on why bunnies? Why eggs? Why spring? Eggs represent new life that is about to bloom. Whereas spring represent fresh start. However, there are some evil practices carried in some religion relating to the spring god, but they are not appropriate to carry and thus, it must be stopped or avoided. The core concept behind this celebration is to welcome spring.

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It is very depressing to see fights between Christians against the Easter Sunday celebration. It is very sad to know that people do not know what they should be doing on this Sunday. The main concept behind Easter Celebration is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus, you can start calling this Sunday as A resurrection Sunday. However, if this is so, then you must celebrate the resurrection. It is good to see the joy full celebration everywhere rather than harassing someone for painting eggs and bunnies.

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However, there is one question that is not yet answered, Where Did “Easter” Get Its Name? Wondering this, here is the origin of Easter name. It is said to be derived from the word “Easter” which means a Teutonic goddess of Spring.

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