Types of Houseplants and the Ultimate Guide to Take Care of Them

Types of Houseplants and Guide to Take Care

Indoor plants can really transform a house into a home. Plants are one of the liveliest decors not only because they look great but they are also helpful for clean and green surroundings at your place. These houseplants have so many health benefits too. Almost all the plants produce oxygen and it is also proven that they help you to focus better. Some of the indoor plants also have the ability to improve humidity. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a type of houseplant because there are so many options to choose from. Thus if you are looking for different types of houseplants, you are at the right place. At the same time, it is important to take proper care of these plants because some of them need to be well maintained or they will die. So we are also here with an ultimate guide to take care of different types of houseplants. So, that your home always keeps on looking bright and spreads healthy air around to breathe.

  • Types of Plants

  1. Air-Purifying Plants

Air-Purifying Plants

Plants are not only beautiful to look at but they also have an important function. Houseplants especially air-purifying plants do no bad other than keeping you healthy. These air purifying plants filter the air, help you focus and concentrate, and plants like Aloe Vera have healing effects. These plants are responsible for keeping you in a good space. You can get garden plant ideas from our online gift site so that you can plant them in your garden or backyard.

  1. Bedroom Plants

Bedroom Plants

If you have sleeping issues or you have been checking every hour of the clock then we have a solution for you. Bedroom plants can be a great addition, so move one of your houseplants to your bedroom. Bedroom plants will add more aesthetics to your room along with keeping you refreshed. Preferably you can choose a plant that has an air-purifying function. This will ensure there is extra oxygen in the bedroom.

  1. Bathroom Plants

Bathroom Plants

Have you ever thought about adding plants to your bathroom? If not think about it immediately. The bathroom plants will not only purify the surrounding air but will also provide optimal humidity in a room. It is perfect for a humid bathroom. These plants extract water vapor from the air so that the bathroom retains a healthy humidity level.

  1. Office Plants

Office Plants

The office shouldn’t be left behind, an plant must be added to the office too. It will help you for better concentration, more efficient work, less headache, and dry eyes. These plants also ensure that harmful substances are removed from the air and they will also give nice look to your office space. You can get amazing housewarming gift ideas to wish many congratulations to your near and dear ones for their dream home.

  • Plant Care Tips

  1. Maintain Humidity

Maintain Humidity

Your plants will thrive indoors if you stay true to your plant’s natural environment. Tropical plants like ferns and orchids prefer high humidity, bright to moderate and indirect light. You should make sure your plants have the perfect humidity level in your house. Thus you can mist these plants by waterings with filtered water. Also, a humidifier will be of great help in dry months.

  1. Choose the Best Space

Choose the Best Space

Different types of plants need different types of space. You should decide the plants according to the available light in your space. See whether the sun is intense through your windows and if so you can also add sheer curtains to diffuse the light. Make sure your plants have the right light, excess or no light may cause them to die. You can make online flower delivery and convey your heartfelt feelings to them with fresh and gorgeous blooms.

  1. Water in Depth

Water in Depth

Water the plant in depth rather than lightly and frequently. Light and frequent watering will only cause the top roots to absorb the water. Hence your plant will not get the fuel it actually requires to survive. Watering deeply means watering your plant in a way that the deep roots also get the water.

  1. Less Water is Enough

Less Water is Enough

Underwatering is better than overwatering, too much water can lead roots to rot. So ditch your water schedule and water your plant only when required. You must check the soil first, look at least 2 inches deep whether it is dry or not, and then you can water. If your soil looks dark in color, feels moist, or sticks to your finger the plant has enough water. And, if it is dry with bad soil quality water your plant pot.

  1. Skip the Fertilizer

Skip the Fertilizer

It’s okay to skip the fertilizer because too much fertilizer can do more harm than good. Houseplants do not need much fertilizer like outdoor plants. If you still want to fertilize your plant, you can do it during its growing season. Just follow the one general thumb, less is more when you are fertilizing. Send Plants online USA to your friends and relatives living miles away from you. And convey your greetings to them through these thoughtful gifts for special occasions.

We hope this ultimate guide of taking care of different types of houseplants helps you in keeping your plants bright and green.

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