What to do if your Birthday falls on Mother's Day

Mother’s day is a time to celebrate motherhood. But wait if your Birthday on Mother’s Day, you have a great opportunity to celebrate this memorable time together. But kids are too small to understand fathers can help them buy Birthday gifts online and give both of them the cutest surprise. We all know that mother’s day is a very important day in a mom’s life. But mom becomes extra happy when her kid’s birthday falls on the same day. No matter whether you are a small kid, adult or young one, take some inspiration from this article to let know how you can cheer up this time together.

  • The To-Do Activities for mother and kid

Well if you really want to steal her heart bring some special things which she did not expect before. Here we are going to show you a to-do list of some creative activities. This will help you come closer to your mom. Also, it will help you in creating special memories. Many schools teach Mother’s Day Craft the Kids can do for Mummy to say thank you to the favourite woman of their life.

  • Cake for cheering Up the Double Celebration

Cake for cheering Up the Double Celebration

Birthday means to cut a cake. This is a trend set from so many ages. But now people start celebrating every moment by cutting the cake. So taking one big designer cake for both mom and kid is a good idea. Here you need to buy a cake customized with memorable photos. Printing a photo is now an easy task. You can choose the flavour of choice and then give it for customization. Photo cake will really help you out bring lots of emotions between mother and kid.

  • Join Zumba Classes

Well, this is a great thing you both can do together. Zumba is a very traditional but fun-loving dance of African people. If you really want to make her happy, go to Zumba classes with her. She will really like to play the Zumba rhythm. Zumba is really a fun-loving dance and many people use it to burn lots of calories. So here you can apply the same thought to her by teaching her Zumba.

  • Gifts ideas that give to both mother and kid

Gifts ideas that give to both mother and kid

A kid’s birthday is a special event as well mother’s day is also an important day. How amazing when both come together. A small kid loves receiving gifts on his/her birthday. Same way mothers also deserve a special gift. So here we give you Birthday Combo Gift Ideas that both mother and kid enjoy.

  • Host a Surprise Party

You can cheer up this wonderful moment by hosting a surprise party. Make a list and invite all her friends and your friends too. This is a mixed celebration between the young age group and elders. You can play lots of games like a scavenger hunt, balloon race game, and musical chair games with mom and mother feature aunties. This way she is able to cope and mix with her friends. Also, she will open up and enjoy the time to the fullest. You can put her the shocking delight by ordering gifts online.

  • Chocolate Basket for the Mom and 5 to 10 Year Kid

Chocolate Basket for the Mom and 5 to 10 Year Kid

Well, these treats surely going to mesmerize them. Kids love eating chocolates. The woman is not excluded from this list. And so we bring adorable Gift Baskets to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day. The majority of women have cravings for chocolates as it helps to boost their mood. So a chocolate basket is going to be one of the most desirable gifts for both mom and kid. Here you have to add all types of chocolate treats that both mom and kid love.

  • Go For Undestined Drive

If you are an adult and you can drive the car you can spend some “ME TIME” with your mom. Take a tour of the village or a place you never explored before. Go to a hill station or any uncertain place and find the culture of their place. Take lots of selfies, get into the city’s diversity and culture and give your mom the best time to treasure.

  • Pampering Spa Basket

Pampering Spa Basket

Well, this is something that both mom and her kid can use. You can fill up the basket with lots of baby products for the baby spa-like baby oil, baby skincare lotion, baby soap and one baby suit. In the same basket, you can put the pampering spa products for a new mom. You can add exfoliating scrub, herbal crème, hand and foot crème, lotion and so much more to pamper the mom of a newly born baby.


So here are some interesting tips about how to combine the kid’s birthday and mother’s day. This can help strengthen the relationship between the mom and her kid. Also, it saves the memories to cherish for a longer duration. Hope you all like Mother’s Day Gift delivery USA ideas and creative activity mentioned here. If you have any suggestions for us, kindly notify me in the comment section mentioned below.


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