Guest Posting Guidelines


Likeable writing for our website marketing articles?

Before sending your stuff, take a quick look at below mentioned suggestion list – it will increase the chances of your post getting approved and published, and may even help you blog better.

1. Be Fact

  • When sending your posts to us, make sure to use your real name and provide links to your Linkedin, Google+ or Facebook profiles – whichever ones you deem PR-worthy.
  • You will also need to include up to 2 links from which one link in body section and another one in bio. section. (That will depend on the articles)
  • Length of blog should be up to 500 to 1000 words.

2. Select the topic

Thus, we accept any content related to online gifts deliveries on every occasion.

  • Online gifts
  • Gift for each particular occasion (i.e. Mothers day, Birthday, Anniversary, etc..)
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • New baby or Maternity
  • Toys
  • Specially on Balloons
  • Flowers and Gift Hampers
  • Chocolates and Chocolate Baskets
  • Cakes and Cookies

And any other topic that you think related to online gifts shopping will benefit us and website promoters.

3. Contribute your real experience, real examples, real YOU!

  • We excite you write posts based on personal and real experiences and personal views on the chosen topic. Facts are important. News coverage is best way. Whatever post you write, express yourself, compare, predict, and pose questions to the blog community. Make your readers to love in reading your articles.
  • Found great ways to check if your tweets are working?
  • Write about it from your own point of view, adding as many examples to support your view as you can. Links to relevant posts, pictures, videos, graphs, studies – anything to get your point across.
  • Just do a case study on website marketing? Write about it and share your findings – our blog readers would surely love that.

4. Word count

  • Length of blog should be up to 500 to 1000 words.

5. Formatting

  • Make sure your articles smooth, easy to read and easy to understand. We ask guest bloggers to do the same.
  • Send us your posts as word documents
  • Divide your post into short, easy-to-skim paragraphs
  • Use subheadings for each meaningful point.
  • Emphasize your main points by making them bold
  • End your post with a powerful conclusion and an open question to engage readers and encourage comments

6. Images

  • Please send the images on the particular topic for which you send the articles.
  • Link will not be allowed with image.

7. Links

  • You can add your website link only in the author’s byline section – we allow only one follow link in there.
  • Promotional links will not be acceptable in the body of the post.

8. Come back again

  • Keep in mind that writing for Web site contact us via email: If your post got accepted once, you’re welcome to write for us again.
  • Showcase your expertise, build your online reputation, get links, and promote your website to 10k monthly readers of our blog!


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