Refund Policy

We stand by our products and service and want to make sure you have an easy and hassle-free shopping experience.

These are our guidelines on what qualifies for refund and what does not. Please review the complete refund policy for additional details.

A) Refund Scenarios:

  1. If a part of the order is missed for any reason, we’ll credit/refund your method of payment for the value of the missed item as soon as the issue is identified and confirmed. When possible, we encourage you of send us a picture of the issue for quick resolution.
  2. If the order is not processed or shipped and is in pending state and if you would like to cancel for any reason, we’ll cancel the order per your request and process full refund. Please review detailed policy for additional details.
  3. If the item you selected is out of stock or unavailable, we’ll reach out to via email with suggested alternate and if an alternate is not acceptable, we’ll cancel the order per your request and process full refund.

B) Non-Refund Scenarios:

  1. In case the order is in processed, shipped or any other status besides pending, order cannot be altered, canceled or refunded.
  2. Order cannot be cancelled or refunded in case the address on the order is incorrect or if no one is available to accept the delivery or recipient has checked-out of the facility or courier was unable to locate recipient at the address due to incorrect or different name at the register or door tag.
  3. In some cases, we offer option to choose preferred delivery date. The selected delivery date is an estimated delivery date and is not guaranteed. Our courier services cannot offer such guarantee hance as it is not possible for us to offer such guarantee. It is possible for the item to arrive earlier or later then chosen delivery date and we are unable to offer compensation or refund for the shipments that miss the estimated delivery date.


Below is the detailed Refund policy:

Refund policy - Before Order is Processed:

In case you decide to cancel your order before it is processed for delivery, we’ll provide full refund for your purchase. If the order is placed in error or if you change your mind, you may initiate cancellation from your order details page. Typically, an order is left in pending state for 30 minutes after receipt for you to be able to cancel or alter the order if needed. This is not guaranteed during high season around Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day or if the order is placed close to cut-off time and it needs to be processed immediately for timely delivery.

Refund Policy - After Order is Processed:

We are unable to cancel or refund the order once it is processed. In case of emergency, we’ll attempt but cannot guarantee to pull-out the package from the packaging and delivery process. If we manage to pull-out the item before it reaches the courier following conditions apply.

A) Non-Perishable Items:

A $15 restocking fee will be applicable if we manage to prevent item from getting shipped. This will also apply for items with future shipping date.

B) Perishable Items:

Most of our perishable products are prepared once orders are received and hence cannot be reused or restocked. No refund can be issued on these items. As long as the item is not shipped, full delivery fees will be refunded.

C) Perishable Items with future date:

Orders for perishable items can be cancelled if there is a minimum 7 days window before the delivery date. In that case the entire order will be refunded, less $15 administration fee.


Refund Policy - In transit (already shipped)

Once an item is shipped, we are unable to stop delivery. We also cannot alter, cancel or refund the order once it ships. Following policy applies in case of address issue:

A) If the address is incorrect or incomplete:

Some courier services offer ability to intercept the package to correct the address while in transit. Depending on the courier service typical fee to intercept the package ranges from $35 to $55. If the package is intercepted, the package will be exposed to additional transit time and freshness of the product can no longer be guaranteed. No refund can be processed to that effect.

B) If no one will be available to accept the package:

Certain items are shipped requiring signature confirmation, if no one is available to accept the delivery, the package will be held at the local facility and recipient will need to reach out to the courier as per the door tag in timely manner. Freshness of the product can no longer be guarantee and no refund can be processed to that effect. Please make sure to reach out to the recipient by end of the day on the estimated delivery date to make sure package is not missed by the recipient for any reason.

C) In case recipient has checked-out of the location where the package is getting delivered:

We highly encourage you to the send the item to a location where the recipient is going to be available on the estimated delivery date and couple days after in case package is delayed for any reason. We do not have any control on the package once it is delivered. The recipient will directly need to coordinate best way to retrieve the package from the address provided to us.


Refund Policy – Failed Delivery:

A) Items shipped with tracking service:

  1. Tracking data indicates shipment was successfully delivered – If the tracking details from the courier services indicates the package was delivered but if the recipient has not received the package the issue is deemed to be at the recipients address and we do not have any control over that and are unable to accept a refund request
  2. Tracking data indicates delivery was attempted but not delivered - Following are the common reasons for attempted but failed delivery. Because none of the issues are under our control, we are unable to accept refund request due to any of these reasons.

B) Items without tracking service:

For some of the items we use local courier where we do not have formal tracking service. In case of these deliveries, let us know of the issue and we’ll reach out to the local delivery outlet and review the delivery logs and when applicable get the signature of the picture of the delivery at the address to confirm the delivery. In case there is an error in delivery we’ll offer to redeliver the item at next possible delivery date.


Refund Policy – Miscellaneous Scenarios:

A) Uncollected items at the Hospital, Schools, Dorms and Hotels

Deliveries are made at the receiving desk at Hospitals, Schools, Dorms and Hotels. Internally these institutions have their own process to deliver or collect the items. Order cannot be refunded if the items are left uncollected or perish at this receiving center.

B) Latex Balloons

Float time on latex balloons is about 24 hrs.; They are expected to start deflating by end of the day.


Refund Policy – Delivery Date:

The delivery date selection tool on the website provides an estimated delivery date, to assist with scheduling future date deliveries. It is our best estimate based on the preparation time and estimated transit time as per the shipping method. Though we continually improve our estimation on the delivery date it is not a guaranteed arrival date. As per our courier agreements it is possible for the item to arrive little sooner or get delayed from the estimated delivery date because of various factors. We are unable to offer compensation for items arriving outside the selected delivery date.

Refund Policy – Error in Delivery:

Missing items – In case portion of the order is missing or any item is missing, we’ll refund the missing items plus 15% of the value of the items missed.


Refund Policy – Substitution :

In some cases we need to substitute items in the order in order to make sure your gift gets delivered to the recipient with your gift message in time. Because of the perishable and personalized nature of the products some substitutions are necessary and orders are subject to our substitution policy and cannot be refunded.


Caution: It is advised not to accept the delivery in case the package is damaged or you no longer want to receive the item.


Refund Policy – Refund Processing Time :

In the event when the refund is due, it typically takes us about 1- 3 business days to process the refund. In case of the weekend or public holiday, the refund will be processed on next business day.

As soon as refund is processed, a refund transaction ID is generated by the bank and the money leaves our account and we do not have any control to stop or expedite the transaction.

Based on our experience below is the estimated time it takes for the refund to appear on your statement.

Credit/Debit Card: With most large financial institutions it may take 3 to 5 business days for the credit to appear on your account. For some small banks and debit cards it can take up to 10 business days.

PayPal:  A PayPal refund can be viewed immediately in your PayPal account.