Housewarming Plants Delivery in Japan

Send a Housewarming Plants to Japan : Celebration and happiness cherished with housewarming plants that are sure to make the recipient happy. Thus send housewarming plants to them and add joy to their celebration. We also offer a variety of other housewarming gifts to choose from.
Bonsai“Kuromatsu Best Seller

¥7,080 ¥6,726

Seasonal Plants in Basket

¥12,640 ¥12,008

Gorgeuos Orchids

¥17,237 ¥16,375


¥9,894 ¥9,400

Midi Mix (5 Stems)

¥29,683 ¥28,199

Surf Song (5 Stems)

¥29,683 ¥28,199

Elegant Plants

¥13,406 ¥12,736

Heart Phalaenopsis Orchid

¥17,990 ¥17,090

Contemporary Dish Garden

¥15,321 ¥14,555

Plant Basket

¥15,321 ¥14,555

Surf Song (6 Stems)

¥35,620 ¥33,839

Golden Age (6 Stems)

¥38,858 ¥36,915

African Violets

¥13,406 ¥12,736

Green Plant in Basket

¥13,406 ¥12,736


¥7,296 ¥6,931

Purple Pot

¥11,491 ¥10,916

Ficus Benjamina

¥13,981 ¥13,282

Pink Plants

¥13,406 ¥12,736

Mixed Plants

¥12,640 ¥12,008


¥13,406 ¥12,736

Green Plant

¥13,406 ¥12,736

Pale Pink Orchids

¥17,237 ¥16,375

Dieffenbachia in Pot

¥13,406 ¥12,736

Basket of Plants

¥15,321 ¥14,555

Pink Orchid Vase

¥19,152 ¥18,195

Potted Mini Orchid

¥10,819 ¥10,278

Middy Phalaenopsis

¥10,794 ¥10,254

Golden Age (5 Stems)

¥32,381 ¥30,762

Diffenbachia Basket

¥13,406 ¥12,736

Large Diffenbachia

¥13,406 ¥12,736

Order Plants for Housewarming Party in Japan for New Homeowners


We send good wishes to our friends, relatives, and loved ones if they are shifting to a new house. And amongst different housewarming gifts, the best are housewarming plants they make a thoughtful gift. Thus order housewarming plants online in Japan and bring a wide smile to the face of the recipient. The plant gift is great because it is fresh, lively, and growing. It does not only make great décor for the new home but it will also inject a breath of fresh air into the new house. Plants have the ability to make the air in a new home fresher, it is also believed that it can improve the energy of the new house.


Just like plants we also offer a wide range of flowers. So you can also make flower delivery to your dear ones for various special occasions and festivals. Flowers are associated with different feelings and make good gifts no matter what the occasion is. They also help you convey your heartiest feelings in the best manner.


Buy Beautiful Plants Online and Add Natural Essence to Your House


Green is the color of nature and symbolizes new beginnings. That’s the reason it is one of the best gifts for housewarming. It is a preferred gift for housewarming occasions as it is so thoughtful and has many uses. The plant gifts will help you signify love towards your dear one. Plants are always great gifts, if you are looking to gift your dear other than materialistic items then these plants are the options. Just like plants, you can also greet your dear ones with amazing housewarming gifts. So you can order housewarming gifts that would make the recipient’s house look beautiful. You can either go for edible or home décor gifts to convey your congratulatory wishes to your near and dear ones.


We also have congratulations gifts online so you can greet your near and dear ones. If they are celebrating their achievements and events with these kinds of gifts. If you are looking for gifts for little kids you can order stuffed animals online from our gift store. Surprise your favorite kids in Japan with these cuddly and adorable toys that they love the most.


International Plants Delivery

International Housewarming Delivery Options:

New Zealand Housewarming Plants Delivery, France Housewarming Plants Delivery

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