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Send Cake to Lebanon: Online Cake delivery is the right choice to surprise your friends, family, and loved ones. Choose from our best selection of beautiful and delicious cakes for anniversary anywhere in Lebanon. Here you can find one of the best online collection of Cheesecake, Chocolate cake, Cupcake, and much more for next day shipping in Lebanon. We also provide international delivery services in over 80 countries.
Strawberry Cheesecake

$73.31 $69.65

Cake D1

$107.81 $102.42

Strawberry Tart

$106.38 $101.06

1/2 Kg Vanila Cake

$79.06 $75.11


$74.75 $71.01


$72.99 $69.34

Profiterol Cake

$79.06 $75.11

I Love You Cake

$58.68 $55.75

Cake H5

$79.06 $75.11

Cake C18

$107.81 $102.42

Eclaire Cake

$69.00 $65.55

Kitkat Au Mousse

$136.56 $129.73

White Forest Cake

$78.72 $74.78

Surprise Box

$51.75 $49.16

The White Heart

$64.69 $61.46

Cake C16

$58.94 $55.99

1/2 Kg Chocolate Cake

$71.88 $68.28

Cake C3

$107.81 $102.42

Cake C8

$122.19 $116.08

Cake C1

$79.06 $75.11

Cake C12

$64.69 $61.45

1/2 Kg Vanilla Cake

$83.38 $79.21

Cake C14

$64.69 $61.45

Hearts Cake

$79.06 $75.11

Red Velvet Cake

$93.44 $88.77

Breakable White Heart

$64.69 $61.46

Blueberry Cheesecake

$72.99 $69.34

Cortina Chocolate

$68.70 $65.27

1 Kg Chocolate Cake

$100.05 $95.05

Chocolate Strawberry

$84.81 $80.57

1 Kg Vanilla Cake

$100.05 $95.05

Cake C19

$79.06 $75.11

Cake C6

$73.31 $69.65

Cake C17

$64.69 $61.45

Cake L1

$122.19 $116.08


$79.06 $75.11

Mille Feuille

$76.19 $72.38

Cake C20

$70.44 $66.92

Fruit Cake

$71.88 $68.28

1 Kg Strawberry Cake

$100.05 $95.05

Make Delicious Cake Delivery to Lebanon

There’s nothing more enticing than having a cake all for yourself and enjoying the day. Are you someone who is looking out a way of pampering yourself? Then guess what, we have a perfect solution for it. Our online shop gives you a plethora of options when it comes to selecting the cake. Rich with flavors and infused with love, our bakers bake the best cake only for you. All you need is to do is let us know your demand and we ensure to fulfill it at our best. From chocolate to fruitcake – we have everything stored for you. Order fresh cake online and have the best cake delivery service right at your doorstep.

Buy Cake Online in Lebanon for Various Occasions

Every now and then occasions arrive, thereby making our day more joyful and cheerful. To make it even extra special, we have decked up delicious cakes that you can buy right from our online cake shop and get delivered within time. If it’s the birthday then you can order Birthday cake Lebanon and for the additional surprise, you can also, Buy Happy Birthday Balloons from our shop.

Our Specialty

The only reason why the customers keep coming back to us is that of two primary reasons.

  • Reliable Door Delivery Services throughout Lebanon

Often at times, it happens how the cake will deliver at home without any damage? But, no worries, when we are there next to you, don't fret over anything. We pack the Fresh Cakes into creative boxes and then provide you with the fastest delivery services.

  • Available in All Yummy Flavour

Yes, you read that right! The online cake shop team discusses and curates the best flavors. From classics to blending into a new flavor- we have everything you are looking for. Cheesecake, tarts, brownies, classic chocolate cake with diverse flavors – send cake to Lebanon and let us know about your experience.

We also make international cake delivery. visit Cake Delivery USA, Cake Delivery Poland, Cake Delivery Canada, Cake Delivery Germany, Cake Delivery UK, Cake Delivery Singapore, Cake Delivery Netherlands, and much more.

International Cake Delivery

International Cake Delivery Options:

Belgium Cake Delivery, Kuwait Cake Delivery

Lebanon Cake


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