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10 Insanely Clever Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

10 Insanely Clever Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

A part of the fun in gifting is showing off your cool tastes. Most times it’s hard to find a perfect gift, especially when you are working on informal occasions. Gifting flasks, books, and flowers are standardized but if you are looking to create a unique surprise, here are some cool ideas to consider and you can buy gifts online. However, be aware that most times you would want to keep these gifts to yourself!

A Waterproof Notepad

 A waterproof Notepad

Who gifts a notepad? No one, but what if the notepad and its papers were waterproof? This would be an ideal choice for someone addicted to thinking sons and poems in the bathroom. Well, inspiration can come anywhere, even under the shower. Also, if you are into fieldwork, it will be a great tool to make notes even under the rains.

Chilled Beer Cork

chilled beer cork

No one likes their beer warm. For someone traveling with beer bottles, this chilled beer cork can keep your drink ice-cool whenever you choose to drink it. A perfect accessory to road trips!

Transparent Book Weight

Transparent book weight

Anyone who reads regularly will understand how inconvenient it becomes to keep your pages still and not be affected by the wind. A usual solution is a paperweight or using your fingers as a block. But this also requires you to constantly shift the weight to reveal the ink it blocked. An ideal solution would be a transparent paperweight. This looks just like a two paged book and can be kept on top of your pages to both steady them and not be a distraction.

Gigantic Wine Glasses

Gigantic wine glasses

Every time you are looking for a refill, you would have to get up and walk to the cellar or fridge or to the nearest table. It can be frustrating, especially when intense conversations are going on over your drinks. These gigantic wine glasses on the other hand would hold a full bottle of your drink and serve you for the entire party or send wine online at your party.

Key Chain Phone Charger

key chain phone charger

Smartphones have but come with a single big disadvantage – they consume a lot of battery and fast. While most of us are already owners of portable power banks, this keychain phone charger would suit local emergencies when you have forgotten to bring along your portable charger. Well, no one forgets to take their keys!

Cutting Board And Wine Holder

cutting board and wine holder

Serving is an art supported by manners and tools. This cutting board and wine glass holder would allow you to hold someone’s cookies and drink in a single hand. This is a tool that serves busy occasions and gives wine as the best gift on any occasion.

Portable Humidifier Cap

portable humidifier cap

If you are working in an especially grim and dusty place, this humidifier will add the required moisture into the air around. This should be a great gift to someone in your office who doesn’t stop coughing.

Divided Pasta Colander

divided pasta colander

For houses with more than a single kid, serving food can be tough. When one kid would want vegetable pasta on his platter, the other one demands a different flavor. This divided pasta colander would allow you to cook different kinds of pasta at the same time and sere equally.

Edible Ink Pens

edible ink pens

Hope we had it when we were kids! This is perfect for any kid who loves to do art on his/her food!

Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Bluetooth virtual keyboard

Perfect gift for a geek, the Bluetooth virtual keyboard will turn any flat surface into a keyboard.

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