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10 Unique Thinking of You Gift Ideas for Special Love of Life

It is so important to keep showing love to the love of your life. At times it happens when a couple is away from each other; feelings might decrease between the two. So even from far away you can send them lovely gifts to let them know you are thinking of them and you miss them so much. Some of the thoughtful gifts will even reduce the virtual between you two. This amazing gift idea can brighten up your loved one’s day and can also make your loved one feel really special. Not necessary you have to wait for any occasion to treat your loved one, instead you can surprise them on any normal day too because it will make them feel more special. Even the simple and small stuff if given from the bottom of the heart will bring so much joy and happiness to your loved one. Distance wouldn’t matter when you will be constantly reminding them how much you are missing them. Thus we are here with some 7 unique thinking of you gift ideas for the special love of life.

Personalized Jewelry Gifts

You can surprise your loved one with jewelry gift and this would be extra special because it will be personalized. You can choose anything from bracelet, ring, and necklace and get it personalized with love quotes or initials of you and partner with a heart. You can also treat them with matching rings and other such matching jewelry so that you can flaunt it together and also feel better with the same if you guys are away from each other. There will always be a part of you with your partner even when you are miles away from them.

Spa Gift Basket for Massage

Men or women both get equally tired and sometimes worked because of their responsibilities towards home and office. If you think your partner hardly takes time out to treat ownself, this is a great gift idea. You can simply treat them with a spa gift basket. This spa gift basket will include variety of gifts that are for body pampering and so using these bath and body care products you can give in home salon services to your partner. This activity will bring your relationship closer and make it more adorable.

Make a Heartshape Meal

You can surprise your partner by making a meal. It can be anything from breakfast to dinner but one twist you need to add here is prepare those food items in the shape of heart. As for example if you are treating your loved one with breakfast in bed you can make pancakes in the shape of heart likewise if you are preparing dinner, make pizzas in the shape of heart. First of all they will be carried away with this sweet gesture of preparing the food, moreover in the shape of heart so they will be totally impressed.

Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

If your partner loves decorating home with flowers or is very enthusiastic of indoor flower garden, you can gift them these mason jars with which they can create an indoor flower garden. These mason jars are so cute they would up your home décor game and would look really lovely. This indoor flower garden would brighten up the home and also make the home smell sweeter. They flowers will beautifully grow in these mason jars and thus they would be able to enjoy the flowers for longer time. Make thinking of you gift delivery to your better half on their special day by surprising them with a surprise gift delivery to convey your greetings.

Long distance Lamp

This type of lamp is really special, it will always make you partner feel you are always by their side and when you guys are away it is all one needs. This is a set of two friendship or love lamps that is connected through Wi-Fi and it will illuminate when other touches. So if you touch the lamp, the other lamp that is with your partner will illuminate and this way you can convey you are missing them. These lamps will work no matter how distant both the lamps are and these lamps will make your loved one feel special and so much closer.

Letters to Open When

You can send this to your loved one if you are away from them. These are letters to open when, they would read these letters when they will most need your support, encouragement, love and inspiration and feel so much better. The letters are titled as open when you are sad, open when you are missing me, open when you feel lonely, open when you feel lost and other such titles. This type of letters will make your loved one feel really special and loved.

Long Distance Mug

You can gift your partner, this adorable mug who is living in some other state. This mug can be easily personalized with the states you both live in and these states are connected with heart. This display of outlines of two states you live in plus the beautiful love quote will convey your partner that you are really thinking of them and missing them so much with this long distance mug. Send romantic gifts online to your beloved on special occasions and festivals to convey your love and affection to them through amazing gifts.

Do Chores, Take Their Responsibility

For a day you can take all the house responsibilities of your partner for the year. For example you can take your entire wife’s duty by doing laundry, making breakfast, doing dishes etc while a wife can take all husband’s responsibility like dressing up the kids for school, cleaning the lawn or garden etc. This way, your partner will feel so special, if you do their part of work at least for the day. They would get a day off from household chores and they would feel so much relieved.

Compliment them Every Hour

One easiest but the most impressive thing you can do is complimenting your partner. You yourself know how much you love and adore your partner. But there would be many times when you hardly express it to them, so this time keep texting your loved one every hour with compliments. Tell them they are the best partner ever, most beautiful, you are blessed to have them in your life, you cannot think of anything else but them and all such cute and lovely compliments you mean and they would love to listen to. This type of idea is a great way to tell them you are thinking of them.

Movie Night

You can make a playlist of the romantic movies that are loved by your partner. You can create a cozy set up at home with the help of bedding and pillows and make it decorative with the help of fairy lights and other decoration stuff. You can order pizzas online and pop some pop corns, this way you can have movie marathon and tell your partner you have been collecting these movies for the whole day to surprise them because you literally cannot get them out of your mind any time of the day.

We hope these unique thinking of you gift idea will sure delight the love of your life and bring you both even closer.

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