12 Gift Basket Ideas for Theme Birthday Party Favors
If you are just a week away from going to family or friend’s birthday party, it becomes hectic, what gift can add more excitement and joy in their birthday party. Finally, if you have decided to buy a birthday party favor, we have rounded up some quick and easy ideas of a theme gift basket for a perfect party gift. If he or she has everything, a theme gift basket delivery is something that he or she is chasing. All these gifts are easy to buy even at the last moment from the online shop or you can make it at home by filling edibles and other stuff. In both ways, you can send birthday favors.

Minion Gift Baskets : 
Minion Gift Baskets

This is a much precious gift that can make from spending less than a dollar. I am digging on this idea using black, silver, and white paint, painters tape, and yellow tubs. Paint minion eyes on the yellow tubs and fill it with minion theme candies, minion theme paper book, pen, Despicable child-serving plates, Chlor mint, minion them cookies, and many of minion theme edibles and artistic gifts you can buy to complete the minion gift basket.

Snow fairy tale gift basket : 
Snow fairy tale gift basket

For the snowy party, you can get the snow basket using cotton candy to make a cloud. Use a furry cotton towel to place inside the wine bottles wrapped in silver foil. Add cool mint candies, different colors of marshmallows, skillets, Twix, star cookies all wrapped with silver foil. A complimentary wine glasses also a good choice to make the fairy tale gift basket. There are unlimited choices for the last minute.

Glow in Dark Gift Basket :
Glow in Dark Gift Basket

Excellent glow in the dark gift basket is going to add more shine to your kid’s birthday party. A beautiful basket fully loaded with glow in the dark sticks, glow in the dark paintings, glasses, pencils, and many such toy accessories. While for the day time scrapbook, crayons, sharpener, eraser, scribble pad is also useful for spending the holiday’s fun time.

Masquerade Theme Gift Basket :
Masquerade Theme Gift Basket

A perfect Masquerade ball theme gift basket is to delight the sweet buds. Either you can go for sweet treats for kids, including French truffles, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and chocolate biscotti, with a black feather mask. For showing greenery side fill the water spray tank with red wine, grape juice, chip mint balls, Ghirardelli chocolate square with green color feather mask. For princess birthday a fairy bask filled with cabernet two wine glasses, candle glazed with jeweled mask, and a feather boa.

Casino Gift Basket :
Casino Gift Basket

For the casino theme party, the casino theme gift basket is a deserving treat for the birthday attendee. Get the casino theme box and fill it with wafers, ready to eat snacks, casino theme chocolates, chocolate chip cookies and deck of cards playing dice. Make it at home via buying casino theme party accessories and fill the red color container with multiple black, red, and white jelly beans and snacks.

Barbecue Gift Basket :
Barbecue Gift Basket

A barbecue gift basket is for those who love hot and spicy food. You can prepare a barbecue gift basket filling barbecue sauce, cheesy dips or spicy deeps, spicy snacks, and many more. You can add more spice filling it with garlic bread, garlic deep, and garlic butter and cheese. If the recipient loves cooking, the barbecue recipe inside is also an admiring gift with this.

Disney Themed Gift Basket :
Disney Theme Gift Basket

For Disney theme party a princess must be admired with Disney theme gift. To make the Disney theme bucket Disney theme stickers available to stick on the princess bucket. There are unlimited Disney theme utensils like Barbie doll toy accessories and Barbie doll theme gifts available to adorn the pink bucket. You can also fill the princess bucket with quality products, spa, and bath accessories. From body lotion to shampoo, scrubber to brush, colorful hair bands to comb everything is available in feminine pink color.

Carnival Theme Gift Basket :
Carnival Theme Gift Basket

A spring carnival basket is all time hit gift to go with the carnival theme party. Put delicious buttery popcorn, joker shape cookies, candles, carnival music CD’s, carnival animal game, sports for kids, sports for adults, every color jelly beans, legos, books, and many more. For making it at home, you can buy carnival theme accessories from the market like sound-making toys, joker masks, and other utensils for a complete package of carnival gift.

Butterfly theme Gift Basket :
Butterfly theme Gift Basket

A butterfly-themed gift basket is sure to delight gift for the baby doll’s first birthday. A white gift basket is full of a pink teddy bear, pink bath towel set, butterfly shape toy, a small teddy bear with white and striped baby clothes. For the DIY gift basket, you can buy bath products at wholesale price and fill it in the polka dot container or pink bucket.

Black and White theme Gift Basket :
Black and White theme Gift Basket

Black and white theme gift basket are motivated for the simple black and white theme party. A black color tray is covered with dark chocolate squares, white milk cookies, diamond truffles, roasted almonds, silver-pearl Gumballs, coconut jelly beans, white chocolate pretzels placed in the cellophane bag tied strongly with black polka dot lace.

Sport Theme Gift basket :
Sport Theme Gift basket

Sports theme gift basket varies as per the theme of the sports. For the baseball theme party, a basket full of a baseball games, baseball glazed truffles, sports accessories, and dried fruit collection. For golf lover’s golf cooler bag with snacks, golf shaped cookies, golf shape bamboo board and cheese knife is a perfect basket. If someone loves fishing, you can fill the basket with fishing accessories and snacks, while for the football enthusiasts, football theme cupcakes, cookies, red wine, grape juice, and Ghirardelli chocolates are a great basket to appreciate the theme of the party.

Gift basket for Hawaiian theme :
Gift basket for Hawaiian theme

A Hawaiian theme party must be cherished with unique Hawaiian theme favor. For this you will require the basket covered with a Hawaiian motif. Inside this puts Hawaiian cocktail with ingredients and cocktail glasses. Pair it with lip-smacking edibles like chocolate covered macadamia nuts, sweet bread, macadamia nuts, Kona coffee, passion fruit marshmallows, mango butter, and coconut syrup. The perfect gift basket is to complete the Hawaiian theme party.

From DIY Gift Basket ideas to buy gift basket everything is planned and organized here for short and sweet way of sending theme gifts. There are so many creative ideas and gifts you can fill inside as per their interest and hobby. Now it is not difficult to get the right gift favors, you can easily pop into this and get the best of the best gift giving ideas for a theme party.

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