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As December has already arrived; can Christmas be far behind! This would be the perfect reframed version of dialogue the Selfish Giant would have given if he was alive by now. Yes, December indeed is the most special month of the whole year because it is Christmas time. People around the whole world celebrate this occasion in different ways. People spend the whole year planning and preparing to celebrate the global festival of the year. The best part of this Christmas is the gift exchange. Giftsbloom provides the best choice of Christmas gifts of the season. Here are the varieties of gifts that are trending this year on the online gift shop site of

Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are the best among the other gifts as they can include a variety of gifts at a very reasonable price. Below is a list of various gift baskets available for this festive season

3 High Red Round Peppermint Tower

Christmas has the quintessential colours of red, white, and green. Santa Clause is the main attraction for the kids, and some adults too. Everyone loves to receive peppermint as a Christmas gift as it is Santa’s favourite. This three high red round peppermint tower has three baskets full of King Leo Soft peppermint puffs, Candy Cane Almond Roca Candy, Mandy’s Chocolate Cookies, and Jack Allen Snowball Cookies. The ruby-red ribbons, the snowflakes, and the candy-cane striped red-white boxes bring the essence of Christmas.

Winter Cheer Gift Tower

Godiva’s winter cheer gift tower is a blessing to not just the person you love, but for their whole family as this gift includes a variety of treats in it. The delights included in this gift tower are chocolate truffles, peppermint dark chocolates, candy cane cookies, almonds, brownie, bark, waffle, shortbread cookies, caramel popcorns, vanilla caramels, pomegranate candy, chocolate covered marshmallows, hazelnut and cocoa cookies and more. Isn’t it mouth-watering to read! Think about how you feel when you get this as a gift!

Callister Cellars Grand Holiday Sleigh

The sleigh is another term that is very much associated with Christmas. And a gift basket that is in the shape of a sleigh is, of course, the best Christmas gift. This gift is also filled with delights of different flavours and tastes. There are three bottles of exotic wines- California Cabernet with black-currant flavour, Merlot with black cherry & chocolate, and Chardonnay with bright lemon notes. On the munching side, there are truffles, candy cane almonds, garlic herb cheese wedges, poppy seed crackers, vanilla fudge, popcorns, brown sugar butter level, maple wafer cookies, fruit and nut bites, breadsticks, strawberry preserves, olives, chocolate crepes and many more!

Belgian Chocolate Covered Gift Tower

When it comes to chocolates, in the Christmas season, chocolate attracts and brings a smile to everyone’s face. Especially, if it is imported chocolates, the taste will melt the beloved’s heart. This holiday gift basket includes dozens of choco-covered Oreo cookies. They are handcrafted in different little shapes of a snowman, Santa Clause. There are crunchy peppermint chocolate barks and 6 Belgian chocolate covered marshmallow pops. More than enough to satiate the never-ending chocolate thirst of the whole family. The toughest decision that one has to make is which one to pop and taste first! All look irresistibly delicious. Any online Christmas chocolate delivery would send this to your beloved’s house.

Holiday Care Coffee and Desserts Box

December and Christmas is the chilly wintry season of cold. A Christmas gift that spreads warmth to the special one on a wintry night is special. The holiday care gift box includes all arrangements of snacks including cookies, hot cocoa, and coffee along with a personalized coffee mug. Also, there are marshmallow cocoa toppers, caramel coffee, Gourmet cookies, and hot cocoa. This gift will completely exert a level of comfort to the person you love. The red base with white snowflakes print on the gift will reflect the Christmas holiday essence.



This crunchy munchy delight is something that everyone loves on Christmas evening. Below are the best cookies available on the site.

Premier Happy Holidays Gift Tin

Cookies are delicacies that everyone around the world loves. Especially on a chilly winter evening, sitting beside the fireplace, having karaoke sessions with the best people of your life. Platters of varieties cookies will be the perfect compliment. In this mixed cookie tin, you will get butter-cream frosted cookies (6), butter-cream frosted gingerbread cookies (2), frosted butter pecan cookies (2), pistachio cranberry mint chocolate cookies (2), chocolate cookies (6), and many more to mention. It will set your mood for the Christmas celebration perfectly.

Mini Holiday Crunchy Sugar Cookies

Christmas is all about spending holidays with your beloved in a relaxed mood. And the holiday is set on the perfect mood when you have your platter filled with cookies, designed for this festive. These sugar cookies are of different colours like red, white, and green. Shaped in the Christmas tree, Santa Clause caps, wrapped gift boxes, and many more. In a mini holiday box, you will get 12 pieces of these delicacies. Now order for these according to your guest heads.

Happy Holidays Gift Tin

This cookies box is also a very popular gift to send to your beloved family members on this get-together session. Happy Holidays gift tin cookie box has 16 pieces of buttercream frosted cut out cookies. Designed perfectly with the theme, the cookies look attractive besides being delicious. With mistletoe, red velvet cakes, and green frosted cake shapes, these cookies will melt the heart of your beloved. This Christmas family get together will be complete when you have these tins of cookies as your quality time companion. Order Christmas Cookies Online and surprise your family.

Happy Holidays Dipped Sandwich Cookies Gift Box

For a foodie by heart, why would flavours and cuisines be restricted within one dish only! Foodilicious people are up for tasting every exclusive taste that comes to the market. So, this year, the latest trend in cookies is dipped sandwich cookies. The manufacturers create different bases of cookies; then dip them in milk, dark and white chocolates and top them with delicious sprinkles. This gift box includes 12 hands picked assorted dipped sandwich cookies. One tip to enjoy this in its best- have them with a glass filled with chilled condensed milk.

Santa and Elf Ornaments

If you are or your beloveds are fond of Kinder Joy, this cookie set will bring a smile to your face as it resembles that setting. There are two varieties of choco/cookie balls- green and red. In each ball, you will find Confection Pretzel clusters, buttercream frosted cut-out cookies, snack size buttercream frosted cut-out cookies. If opening a Santa ornament ball can give you such huge joy, it will make your beloved’s Christmas a grand one.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

The best sort of gift on any occasion is this personalized gifts. Any gift can be personalized; below are the trending personalized gifts for this Christmas season 2020.

Personalized Merry & Bright Throw Pillow

Christmas is all about relaxing, chill, and spend some quality time with each other. Also, Christmas is to exchange gifts with each other; and receiving gifts that become the memoir of the person till the next time we meet. This gift is a remarkable gift to keep someone’s memory with you forever. It is a white pillow with a customized Christmas tree or Santa Claus print. Below the picture, mention the family name to personalize it.

Furry Friends Plush Stocking

These gifts are perfect for BFFs who have been celebrating Christmas from their happy days. As life has changed and now they all live in different places, they will always make time to meet and greet and cheer on Christmas. To keep them to the closest place of your heart, these furry friends plush stocking with miniature Santa, snowman, or Christmas tree will be the best Christmas gift to send. Want to make them happier? Send a box filled with chocolates from the Christmas chocolate delivery site.

Holidays Family Plush Blanket

A family that handicrafts together remains happy. We all love to twin with our beloved ones. This family blanket is a perfect gift for your family to make the Christmas celebration more memorable. On Christmas evening, with the snowfall outside, all your family members sitting under this cosy blanket. Having cookies and wine- what can be a more perfect Christmas celebration! Coming to the blanket material, it is made of soft polyester plush which is completely machine washable. It is 50*60 inches in length and breadth and lengthy. And at Giftsbloom, you will get this blanket in its best quality at the most reasonable price.

Snow Place Like Home Wood Wall

People living in the snowy place will completely relate to this gift at the time of Christmas. This is a wall art on a piece of Weather resistant PVC material. The ink used to draw the picture is also bonded ink, which means washable. You can choose to hang it inside the room or outside- the quality will not decline. It measures 20inch and 11-inch height-width respectively, with a fixed keyhole at the centre of its back. But, as it is of a solid frame, you can choose to hang it on the wall as well as stand it on the table.

Snowman Welcome Statue

Snowman is the second next famous prop in the celebration of Christmas. If you live in a wintry country, you would be familiar with this gift as you have made numbers of a snowman in winter. But, this gift is not made of actual snow. It is made of faux cotton covered with a durable resin. It is 23 inches in height and 12 inches in width. The best place to keep this gift is on the front porch of your house from where the guests will enter. And the welcome message from the whole family will be greeted by it only.

There are plenty more available in the market. Above are the best gifts you can send to your beloved for this festival of Christmas.

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