Christmas Gifts

15+ More Amazing Gift to Surprise the Beloveds on Christmas

Amazing Gifts to surprise the beloveds on Christmas

As December has already arrived, so is the occasion of Christmas. We all eagerly wait for this occasion to come every year so that we can extend our celebration. Here is a list of some amazing gifts that one can choose as a Christmas gift for their beloved. The celebrations are all about making sweet memories by spending some quality time with each other. Times fade but not the memories. What keeps them safe, sound and fresh in mind is the gifts. They remain forever as the token of love spread by ones closest to your heart. So here is a list of 15 gifts that will make your celebration of Christmas dearer and more beautiful.

Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet

Candy is one of those things that keep childhood memories afresh. They keep the child in you alive and active; no matter whatever is your age. Here are the best trending Christmas candy bouquets, exclusively available on

Sugar-Free Holiday Sleigh

The occasion of Christmas is incomplete without some significant ingredients. One of them is this candy. Everyone has memories from their childhood of colouring their tongues with these candies. And such happiness never fades. This gift is available in two sizes- regular and large on the Giftblooms site. A regular basket includes 6 sugar-free milk chocolates, 6 pieces of sugar-free dark chocolate, (from Russell Stover) and 4 pieces of sugar-free cinnamon candies from Sprigs. And the large sleigh contains all above items in the double quantity.

Poinsettia Candy Bouquet

Poinsettia is a famous flower of this Christmas season. When your favourite flower gets mixed with your favourite chocolates that would be the best gift for this festive season. This gift is available in three different sizes according to their quantity. The small bouquet includes 12 Gourmet square chocolates, the medium bouquet includes 18 chocolates and the larger one contains 24 chocolates.

Frosty Delight Candy Bouquet

Candy bouquets are available in three different sizes, varying based on the quantity of the candies and chocolates. The small one includes 4 pieces of peppermint hard candies, 4 pieces of peppermint taffy, and 4 pieces of peppermint swirls. The medium one carries 9 pieces of each candy and the large one has 12 pieces of the same variety of chocolates.

Santa Baby Bouquet

Santa baby bouquet small size includes 4 pieces of hard candy sprigs, 6 pieces of fun-sized candy canes, chocolate made Santa, and either a packet of hot cocoa or a full-sized candy bar. The same variety of candies are available in 8, 12, and 3 packets or pieces respectively in the medium pack. And the large one has 12,18 and 6 packets or pieces respectively of the same chocolates or candies. However, only one chocolate Santa of the same size is available in all size bouquets. Christmas chocolate delivery sites will get you all these candies at very affordable prices.

Wine Baskets

Wine Baskets

If you are to celebrate Christmas in a classy way, Wine is the mood settler. It is one of the best ways to make Christmas memories with your beloveds. Wine is the classic part of Christmas celebration. Also, the weather during Christmas is ideal to have a glass of wine and sing Christmas carols or karaoke. Here are the perfect mood setter Wine baskets for this Christmas online.

Robert Mondavi Chardonnay Wine Basket

It would be wrong if you think a wine basket contains varieties of wines only. This classic Robert Mondavi Chardonnay wine basket includes a bottle of classic Chardonnay with baked apple and pineapple essence. Besides these, there are walnut cookies, Smoked cheese spread, spicy honey crunch mix, dried apricots cracked, peppercorn crackers along with the quintessential chocolate chip cookies. There are many more to name we leave the rest for the surprise.

Vintners Path Winery Holiday Sleigh

This wine basket includes medium-bodied California Cabernet with smooth dark fruit flavours. The Chardonnay is of plum flavour and the Merlot is of cherry flavour; both with a hint of chocolate in them. Besides the sip part, there come the munch parts that include candy cane almonds, smoked Gouda cheese spread, chocolate-coconut macaroons, milk and dark chocolate peppermint bark, milk chocolate truffles, olives, and poppy and sesame seed crackers.

Napa Valley Charm

Napa Valley charm is an expensive but vintage gift wine box to order from Giftblooms on Christmas. The whole basket includes 2 bottles of California red wine; each of 75oml; toasted crackers (1), mustard (3), Ghirardelli squares bag (1), Snack mix (1), and cheese (1). Another surprising element is California nuts that attribute to everyone’s love and likeness to this wine basket. Even though it is expensive, it has equal demands as well.

Kiarna Vineyards Chardonnay Season’s Greetings

A Kiarna Chardonnay is one of the most special tastes of the chardonnays available in the market. This gift box includes 1 bottle of Kiarna vineyards chardonnay to sip, peppercorn crackers, cheese spreads, French marshmallow covered in dark chocolates, Chocolate cookies thins, milk chocolate truffles, Tuttino chocolate cream cookies, olives, and spice waffle cookies along with peppermint bark squares. The whole arrangement is set up within a hard pepper basket with a large red ribbon flowered on the gift items.



It’s futile to even make an attempt to describe what chocolate is in words. Every time, words will fall short to talk about the essence of chocolates in festivals; especially at Christmas.

Happy Holidays Dipped Sandwich Cookies Box

The sandwich is a blend of different tastes; so is this chocolate gift box- a perfectly balanced blend with many tastes of it. The different taste cookies are dipped in three different flavours of chocolates- milk, dark and white chocolates. And the finishing is done by spreading colourful sprinkles on them or stuffing them with colourful whipped frozen cream. The total quantity of chocolates in the boxes- 12.

Sweet Snowman Tower of Treats

This gift basket includes a three-tiered snowman carrying varieties of chocolate in each of the towers. The containers carry yoghurt covered pretzels, white and dark chocolate covered sandwich cookies, holiday jelly beans, assorted chocolate squares, and cookies along with choco-covered nuts. Once the tins are empty, you can use them as decoration props in your house as well, to linger your Christmas celebration essence a little longer.

Neuhaus VIP Christmas Celebration Gift Basket

This gift basket is a surprise gift basket that does not give the buyer any information about the chocolate gift items inside. But it looks so irresistibly mouth-watering that none even bother about the nil information. If something looks so colourful, beautiful, and promising; none doubts it will taste incredible too. And it does taste delicious too. Filled with different sizes and colours of round boxes/ balls will leave no patience for the person in the receiving end. This edition of the chocolate gift basket is exclusive to the festive season. Available only on the Gift blooms online Christmas chocolate delivery site.

Gourmet Christmas Berries

Gourmet Christmas berries are the most traditional Christmas gift. These strawberries are dipped in rich chocolates and frozen with different toppings and sprinkles. The box is wrapped with glitter papers and tied with a solid red colour ribbon. Giftblooms adds new and exclusive chocolates every year, but these vintage chocolate boxes are a fix. A standard box of Gourmet Christmas berries includes 12 deliciously chocolate-dipped strawberries, enough to satiate your taste buds.



The best creation of the world is flowers. Flowers have multi-purpose uses. Gift or decoration- flowers are the prior choices whenever comes to the question of decency along with elegance. If a flower cannot make a worthy gift; there is nothing that can outcaste the beauty of this Christmas gift. Send best Christmas floral bouquets available from

Frosted Fir Snowflake Wreath

Christmas is a celebration of some symbolic things. One of them is Wreath. The concept of a wreath came from Christ wore at his head. The Wreath is mainly of rouns shaped, made of wires and then decorated with flowers and greens. This special kind of wreath is made of fir leaves and is of snowflake shape. Also, the wreath is decorated with golden pine cones and white rice lights. It is best to keep the wreath indoors as the sunlight might dry them out. The small red berries contrast the greens and goldens perfectly.

Red Rose Reindeer (Reindeer Rose Plant)

A red rose reindeer is a reindeer flower vase with red roses in it. It is a very unique kind of flower vase that looks cute. It is flexible and also washable. You can put faux flowers in them if there is no real flower in the house; after the festival season is gone. Along with the reindeer rose plant, there is a sledge filled with chocolates and cookies. The whole setting is an exclusive Christmas gift that you can send to your beloved to bring the brightest smile to their faces.

Christmas Birdhouse of Blooms

Amongst all the floral bouquets, this one is very unique. This gift arrangement has a wooded birdhouse which is the floral vase. You can put your favourite flowers in them. To make it look like a real birdhouse, the setting also has a red faux cardinal sitting on the porch of the tree-house. At the front of the birdhouse gate, there are two small faux pine cones along with small berries.

Christmas is the occasion of love and spreading happiness with gifts. Above are the best varieties of gifts you can send to your beloved exclusively from Make this festive season a blast of celebration to your family and friend.

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