Valentines Day

15 Weird Valentines Day Traditions from Around the World

Valentines day is known as a day to express your love to someone special. It is the festival of love, where partners have a special valentine’s day gift idea to express feelings to their partner. There are many who have started their journey of togetherness on this day.

However, till now we have been familiar with some common traditions of valentine’s day like sending Valentines day flowers and gifts. But do you know, there are some weird traditions been carried in different corners of the world.

Japan: In Japan it’s quite different. It is men who are spoilt here on Valentine’s day. Women present their partner or lover gift like chocolates in a hope that men will return the gesture later in the years. Women buy Chocolates for Valentine Day to gift their men.

France: Here women’s burn pictures of their spurn. This is an extreme tradition here in France, when ladies get a lot of attentopn and affection.

Wales: Spoon is the traditional gift here. Partners gift each other a spoon on 25th of January as it gives a new meaning to the term Spooning.  It commemorates the Welsh Saint Dwynwen, whose ancient and tragic love story has inspired people.

Scandinavia: Men sends anonymous poems, singing them off with dots instead of words. If the girl guesses the song right then she will receive Easter egg at Easter. However, if she guesses it won the she will have to buy one for him in return.

Slovenia: Even if it is frozen, here loved ones walk through a field barefoot to celebrate this big day. This gesture is considered as the holiday they would spend together in the year.

South Korea: A month after 14th February, singletons dines on dishes brimming with black noodles. This is to mourn their single life.

Estonia: Here people celebrate and send gift to enhance friendship. They present gifts to many different people.

China: People here who are long for love, visit their matchmaker statue, which can be found in any of the local temples.

Germany: Meaning of term “ Pigging out’ takes a new sense on valentine’s day in Germany. Statue of pigs embellished with flowers is seen as the symbol of good luck.

Italy: If you are travelling to Roam or planning to take a trip here, do visit St. Valentine’s skull. This is a big day here as it is the skull of Patron saint St Valentine!

Brazil: If you are finding your husband then on this, people here celebrate it by writing his name into a hat and celebrate like a Brazilian. The name can be of anyone whom you marry!

Kurdish Iraq: Celebrates this day with fest of love by decorating apples that represents the origin of love story Adam and Eve.

Romania: They celebrate it on 24th when it is the celebration of spring and love when Dragobete starts.

Great Britain: Women keep four leaves of bay leaves beside their pillow in believing that they would see their dream husband. Also write names on a paper and drop them in water.

Finland: They celebrate Friendship on this day rather than celebrating their love. In Finland it is also the day when close friends send cards and gifts to each other.

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