4th Of July: Patriotic Flower Arrangement in Bucket with 10 Simple Steps

Simple steps to arrange your independence day flowers

Had you been wishing to make a patriotic flower arrangement in a simplest and easiest way? Here we bring you one of the easiest ways to make it without using anything more expensive. Arrange in bucket and you will have the best visuals to display in your garden or at the event.

Using the grocery you can create a store blooms inside your home and flowers look perfectly amazing in it. Without being professional, you can easily do this on your own and be proud of it. The flower arrangement that we are proceeding is majorly with white flowers and added colors of other blooms.  Few pop up of American flag colors makes this arrangement a holiday worthy! The highlight of this flower bouquet is the mums; it gives off a firework effect, which is always fun to have on the Fourth of July!

Material Needed 

• Waterproof bucket or container
• Floral foam
• Water
• Scissors
• Ribbon
• Assorted greenery
• Variety of flowers
• Small American flags


Let’s Go : Make Your Flower Arrangement in 10 Simple Steps


Flower arrangement in bucket

Cut Your Floral Form

Take that green foam and try to fit it in the container that you have chosen. If it does not fit in, cut it and make it in proportion to fit inside the bucket. Let it settle at the bottom of the bucket and pore in water to soak the foam completely. The foam should get soaked well.
 Prepare your Flower to Arranging

Now get everything at place, bring in all the flowers that you are going to use for the arrangement. Cut the stems in an angle before inserting them into the foam. (the reason for cutting steam angularly is because it can easily pierce into the foam and absorbs enough water). Remove leaves from the stem, it will let water blow out otherwise. Leaves are not good for the freshness of flower arrangement. If they are left inside it will contaminate the water and the arrangement won’t last for long time.

Working around the Container

Start with covering the edge of the container. Work around the edge. The largest pieces of greenery are the best ones to start with and cover the bucket edges effectively. (This helps in giving the arrangement a fuller and look). Using greenery more will also help you in covering more space and using accent flowers less.

Add Fullest Flower into the container

Hold the single colors flowers together as a bunch and insert them in the center of the bucket. Each stem should be places at a varying height to add more of natural look to it. The overgrown look makes the best arrangement to the overall design. You can easily order some Flowers Delivery USA if falling short of the flowers to fit in your arrangement.

Add second largest flower in Container

After the layer of one flower, add in the second largest flowers into your container. Using mums for this arrangement could be the best idea. (Tip: for a grand effect you can clutter more flowers together and separate them all throughout the arrangement. Or the other way is do a variety of both)

Add smallest white flowers

Adding small white flowers like mini roses can be a good idea. Adding them in any bigger open space will help you cover the space as well as make your arrangement look grand. As you go on in the creation of arrangement, you can freely raise the size, or move any of the flowers lower to fit into your idea or vision.

Use Red flowers to fill spaces

Patriotic flower arrangement

After filling you bouquet with white flowers majorly, insert some colors to it with colorful flowers like red roses. Fill in some empty spaces with red flowers. Place these red flowers at a varying height and do not keep everything balance. This will lose the natural look of it. Having a balances flower arrangement will make it look more of planned than natural.

At last add some greenery

Coming to a finishing line, add some greenery here and there. A small piece of greenery into the center and some at side will work. If you see any small gaps still left, fill them with greenery. Take any random position to add it and give a overall interesting look to your arrangement.

Plant Small American flag

Now guess everything you had bought is summed up in the arrangement. So it’s time to look at the finishing of the arrangement. Move stem a bit here and there if you feel so. Do not restrict yourself after once done. You are free to re-place the stems anytime.  (Tip: after completing the arrangement, make sure you go through the whole arrangement so that if anything is missed or not focused rightly can be fixed)

Tie Ribbon around Your Container

To add the final finishing touch to your arrangement, tie a nice simple ribbon around the container. Keeping the combination of American flag, you can use blue ribbon the complete the look of your Independence Day flower arrangement.  Now your Flower arrangement is ready for display!

To get some ideas about flower bouquets and arrangements you can go through the Independence Day Flowers Delivery collection available online that will help you a bit in your creation.

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