5 DIY Last Minute Homemade Father’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make!

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Father’s day is knocking soon. It is the time to appreciate the efforts of father for raising us. It is the time to celebrate the fatherhood around the world. Mostly kids are very passionate for such days. A store bought gift is good but it doesn’t give that much appeal to heart as handmade gifts do.

Here we have found some last minute homemade last minute father’s day gift ideas to acknowledge him why he is so special.

#1) Father’s Day Candy Jar

Father’s Day Candy Jar for dad

Bring out the child into him by giving him a jar full of candies. This handmade craft is easy and inspiring. Tell your mom to give a useless empty glass jar. Now here you need scissor, spray paint and tags to make a creative candy jar. Take a spray paint and color the jar. Let the spray paint dry completely. Now fill this empty jar with colorful candies and cover the lid. Now write a special message on tag. Insert it into ribbon and tie it on the topside of the jar. Tag will show a special message of father’s day. If you wish you can use a black permanent marker and write “great dad” or “love you dad” message on it. It is pretty simple but inspiring gift from kids to dad.

#2) Dad’s Desk Organizer

Dad's Desk Organizer on father's day

Fathers are busy bees and you always see them working on desk. So a mom can help child to make a gift which is useful. Likewise you can make a pen box from old tin. Paint it and write a special message on it with marker pen. Or else you can offer a handmade business card holder. Or else you can make a key holder to avoid the mess on desk. There are various tricks and tips for making such DIY crafts. You can easily make a priceless gift by decorating it in your own way.

#3) Mustache Personalized Mu

Mustache Personalized Mug gift to dad on father's day

Mustache Stencils are used when you are not perfect in drawing. If you want to avoid mess on mug, you can use this to make a creative art. Here you need a plain ceramic mug. If you want to choose a coloring mug use bright colors like yellow, white, orange. You need a sharpie to dress up the boring porcelain cup. If you are good painter you can use permanent marker to make a funny painting or leaving a special message on this mug.

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4) Greeting Card for Dad

Greeting Card for dad on father's day

Digital cards are easily available in social sites. But the handwritten note affects a lot and when especially it is made by cute little hands. Mom can help the children to buy a coloring card stocks and artistic papers to make a beautiful greeting card. Draw a beautiful design of shirt; add strips, tie, and collar and stick buttons on it. If you don’t like it you will find so many other crafts from pinterest. Now tell your kid to write a special love note for dad inside this.

5) Dad Cutout Photo Frame

Dad Cutout Photo Frame for father's day

If you have an empty frame then no issue you can insert the memorable photo into this and give it to your dad. If you don’t, make a photo frame using card stock and paper color. Cover the card stock with color paper. Now decorate the border with color paper rolls to make a fine outside frame. Downside of photo adds a mustache stencil. If you want to avoid mustache stencil you can leave a special note for dad on the bottom of photograph.

Father’s day falls once in a year and this is the best use of time to let the kids appreciate dad. This craft will let your kid love to do something for dad. Your kid will understand the importance of father in life. Moms have to give a best support to make a best craft for dad. Because! they are cute and too little to follow such crafts.

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