6 Awesome Surprise Ideas to Give Your DAD on his Birthday

Father is undoubtedly one of the most important people in your life. Therefore, you also need to celebrate his special day with same importance. If you are falling short on thinking out some ideas for surprise birthday celebrations, you have come at the right place now! He works and wears himself out for you, he protects you at all costs he is always there whenever you need him, and therefore this birthday celebration can be one of the best ways to show how much you love him and appreciate him looking out for you.

1. Happy Birthday DAD in Innovative Way

Happy Birthday DAD in Innovative Way on father's birthday

Screaming “Happy Birthday Dad!” is not always the perfect way to wish your dad on his birthday. You need to do something more innovative than that. Throwing themed birthday parties and DIY gifts and presents can be some of the innovative ways. To make it more interesting and exciting, you can plan some out of the box ideas, like arranging for a visit to an orphanage or persuading him to try new sport or activity. Send birthday gifts online, the ones he will absolutely love, if you are not able to plan anything special on this special day in your dad’s life.

2. Office Birthday Surprise

Office Surprises with happy birthday dad party

If your dad’s birthday comes in a weekday and couldn’t get a holiday from his office, take your party to him! Maybe you can cook up some lunch, make some favorite dishes and send it to his office on his lunch break. Order cake online and have it accompany the lunchbox that you so dedicatedly made. It can turn his normal, boring day into a fun, joyous birthday celebration, right in his office.

3. Giving your DAD a Birthday Gift

Giving your DAD a gift on happy birthday

Giving your dad a gift can be a tricky choice, because it is always difficult to buy gifts for dad than your mother. You can make him a greeting card all by yourself, or you can also film a birthday video for your dad else shop for the birthday cake delivery according to his favorite flavors. This can take some of your time and energy, but it will be so, so worth it. Even if you’re not getting inspired for making something, all you have to do is listen to your dad for potential gift ideas so that you can plan the birthday beforehand. You can also plan to buy your father a gift based on his passions and hobbies. Or you can always take your dad to a sporting event, to the sport which he likes, or his favorite band’s concert.

4. Decorate Before He Gets Home

Decorate Before he gets home on father's happy birthday

Collect some decorative material, before your dad’s birthday, so that you can plan this special day with precision and also much fun. You can hang streamers and blow up some balloons to fill the entire house with bright colors and beautiful celebration. Order birthday balloons online so that you can stream them all across the place. Buy a happy birthday banner – which should not be kiddy and should also not be too bland – or you can also make one all by yourself with pieces of construction paper. He’ll get very surprised, especially with the amount of work you have put in for the party. And especially after the tiring day, this will be a pleasant surprise too.

5. Take Him Virtually to the Good Olden Days

Take him virtually to the good olden days on father birthday

Even if your father never shows his real emotions and feelings, you and all of the family knows how much he loves all of you.! Each of the memory is actually cherished in his heart with great adoration and care. And when he would get a chance to recollect these past enjoyable events in both of your lives, he would feel very happy. Telecast beautiful memories on his birthday so that it will bring a great smile on his face. Moreover, if your dad’s birthday and father’s day are on the same day, then double celebration. Order father’s day gifts online plus a surprise ride to memory lane relishing all the loving moments.

6. A Small Sweet Birthday Celebration

A small sweet celebration on his birthday

Dad’s birthday is something of a fun celebration. Since you can’t pull all of this on your own, you will actually have to take help of your siblings and your mom. A surprise party can make for an excellent idea to make your father excited. You can inform your father in advance so he can invite some of his close friends, making it a small but sweet celebration on his birthday.

So, there you have it! These are some of the best surprise ideas that you can incorporate in your father’s birthday celebrations. Surprises would work in a rather great and pleasant way if you keep them a secret for a while, and so would the surprise birthday celebrations!

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