6 Unique and Creative Chocolate Activities that Kids will Easily Do

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Everyone loves the taste of chocolate especially kids and they even love the smell of the chocolate. Chocolates make them so happy, so if you are planning to engage kids in some activities for your child’s birthday or for a fun weekend do it with chocolates. You can give the kids some chocolate supplies and brief them on what they must do with these chocolates and they are good to go. Chocolate crafts and chocolate theme activities will be great recreational activities for the children and they will definitely learn something new and also it will help them get creative through these chocolate activities. So if you are searching for some chocolate related activities for kids you are at the right place, because we are here with some unique and creative chocolate activities that kids would love doing and will be able to do it easily.

Finger Painting in Chocolate Pudding

Let the kids get messy with chocolate and even if you do not ask them they will get messy when it is about chocolate. Chocolate is less permanent than the paint and other colors and thus it can be easily wiped out. Put a vinyl or plastic table cloth, throw a poncho on the little once and also mix up some boxed chocolate pudding and let your kid enjoy finger painting on the pudding. This might not end up on the wall but it is really fun way to spend a memorable afternoon with your little one. Buy gift basket online to surprise your near and dear ones on their special days and convey your greetings for the same.

Chocolate Wrapper Collage

Kids love chocolate and so do you, so collect the chocolate wrappers for a month or two to make best out of the waste. If you are short of chocolate wrappers you can also use supplement of old magazines. Ask your kid to make something out of their imagination with the help of these chocolate wrappers. Collages are great way to think of new ideas and get the creativity flowing. You can simply provide glue, blank canvas and some chocolate wrappers for this activity and let the kid explore on his own.

Homemade Dark Chocolate with Rose Petals

First of all let us make one thing clear that dark chocolate are healthy and so even if your child keep munching it, it is okay. Dark chocolate also improves the brain function and heart health. To make this chocolate you will require cacao powder, cinnamon powder, coconut oil, raw honey, vanilla and dried rose petals. You can start with the procedure and later take the help of your little one to pour the mix into the moulds and even instruct them from the first step as they would be so proud that they have made chocolate on their own.

Chocolate themed Gift Basket

If your child has to gift his friend a gift for their birthday, you can help them customize a chocolate themed gift basket to treat their friend. First you will have to take your little on a tour to the local chocolate shop and ask him to pick up few chocolates of his friend’s choice and you can also take some supplies to make chocolate dessert like brownies. Later get the little one’s help in baking muffins or brownies. Now take a basket and ask your child to decorate the chocolates and muffins inside the basket and adorn it with a ribbon to make it look a perfect birthday gift basket.

Chocolate Scented Play Dough

You can help your kid make this chocolate scented play dough with which he can play and get creative with the same. One will require flour, cocoa powder, salt, cream of tartar, cooking oil and boiling water to make this play dough. Simply mix the ingredients, add oil and boiling water. Stir the mixture quickly and when it is cool mix it with your hands. Store the play dough in an airtight container. Make chocolate delivery to your friends and relatives for special occasions and festivals and convey your wishes through sweet treats.

Chocolate Treasure Hunt

You can make the kids play this game during their birthdays as there would be more number of kids and more the kids more the fun this game would be. You can choose some chocolates show which chocolates you are using to hide and then hid those chocolates around the room and ask the children to search for the chocolates. This is a fun game and kids would enjoy playing this game and later munch the same chocolates.

We hope little kids love doing these unique and creative chocolate activities and have a great time doing it.

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