7 Best Baby Shower Games that are Very Funny and Exciting!

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A baby shower is one of the most important celebrations in the life of newborn, parents and their relatives. Now a Days it’s celebrate with a lot of enthusiasm and tradition ways. On this special day, the newborn baby receives lots of gifts from the near and dear. If aunts and uncles of the newborn are living in far places, then they can use the facility of online shopping stores to send gifts online. In present days, baby shower celebrations are becoming more interesting with the introduction of funny games.

Here are some top baby shower games which make the celebrations much more interesting.

No 1 : Place a Pacifier in Baby’s Mouth


Place a Pacifier in Baby's Mouth Baby Shower Games

Placing a pacifier in Baby’s mouth is one of the interesting and funny games in the whole celebrations of the baby shower. In this game, all the guests who are interested to play are called and asked to sit at one side. Then one after the other each guest will be blindfolded to play the game. Then the blindfolded person will be given a pacifier and they need to put near to the baby’s mouth, how much near they can keep that much. The one who keeps very close is the winner of this game.

Things provided : Blindfold, a picture of the baby and pacifier

No 2 Baby Items Can You Think?


Baby Items Can You Think Baby Shower Games

On the day of the baby shower, the next interesting game is baby items can you think?  This is the game all the guests  have to write a list of the items that a baby needed. It can range from diapers to pacifiers, feeding bottles, clothes, blankets, net homes and anything that a baby needed. In this list, it can also be baby soaps, cosmetics, buy cakes online and much more. The only interesting thing about this game is that the complete list needs to complete within the five minutes and need not take much time to write these.

Things provided : Paper and pen

No 3 The Pacifier Pass


The Pacifier Pass Baby Shower Games

Pacifier Pass is the game where all the relatives are divided into groups and are provided with pacifiers to play the game. It is one of the interesting games of the baby shower occasion. In each group, people need to stand in a line, side by side and facing the person in front of them. In this game guest, need to put straws in their mouths and the first person will put a pacifier in the straw. As the game starts it should be passed on to the next person in the row only through a straw without any contact. The team who finishes first will be the winner.

Things provided : Straws handles to hold and pacifiers

No 4 Dirty Diapers


Dirty Diapers Baby Shower Games

Dirty diapers are the game which is similar to the musical chair, where a diaper is passed. In this game, the host will take a new diaper and will be melting chocolate in it. Then all the guest who is playing the game need to sit in a circle, now host will start the music and give that diaper to one player. As the music starts they need to pass on to the other and at some point in the game, music will be stopped. The person with whom, the diaper is there while music is stopped will be the loser. This game will continue till only one person remains and they are the winners.

Things provided : Music, diaper, and chocolate

No 5 Who’s That Baby?


Who's That Baby Baby Shower Games

The game who’s that baby is the one where childhood photos of the guests have collected as and when they arrive for the celebrations. In this game the guest need to match match the photo with the present face. This is one of the interesting games in the celebrations of a baby shower. The one with most of the correct matches will be the winner of the game.

Things provided : Photos, Pen, paper, tape, and Clips

No 6 Baby Wish List


Baby Wish List Baby Shower Games

In this game every guest who arrives need to write wish list in paper. It can be a simple one or a list of wishes that depends on them.

Things provided: Paper and pen

No 7 Don’t say, baby!


Don’t say, baby Baby Shower Games

In this game, each of the guests will give a pin and whenever a guest will utter the word baby, the one who catches them will take the pin from them. The rule of this game is not to utter the word baby throughout the celebrations. The one with a large number of pins will be the winner of this game.

Things provided : A pin

All the above listed are the top seven baby shower games that are actually fun to play. Let’s implement these games as a schedule for the baby shower function of your relatives. Let’s make the function even more grand. Enjoy the baby Shower function !

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