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7+ Best leafage Plants To Gift This Festive Season

7+ Best leafage Plants To Gift This Festive Season

Christmas is a month away! Have you begun your preparations for the big day? Well, you better start. You would be glad to know that we have your back! Choosing gifts for your loved ones is always a tedious yet significant part of Christmas. What better than gifting a bundle of joy!? Here are some of the Best House plants that you can choose from for a gift to your loved ones:

1. Poinsettia plant

Poinsettia Plant

Poinsettias are well-known Christmas plants. The combination of red and green leaves makes it an ideal Christmas ingredient. According to Mexican legend, a poor girl presented Jesus with a bouquet of weeds. Which Jesus transformed into bright red flowers and leaves, known as Poinsettia. For the Christmas holiday foliage plant to decorate homes and offices. This plant’s leaves are a part of the decoration at the front door or on a balcony. Poinsettias also remove formaldehyde traces from the air. In household objects such as grocery bags or particle boards. Because this is a low-maintenance plant, you can give it as a gift to someone new to gardening.

2. Croton plant

When it comes to decorating your home, color is significant. Croton plants will add color to your interiors and make your home “festival ready.” The foliage plant would be ideal for your friends and family. Croton plant oil. It is a method to treat various ailments and sores in traditional Chinese medicine. This plant’s multicolored leaves are a lovely addition. Your coffee table or windowpanes. Furthermore, keeping this plant would improve indoor air quality. Because the Croton plant eats away the undesirable VOCs from the air like a pro.

3. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti are so delightful that they may surpass the ornaments on your tree. Hundreds of species bloom at various moments of the year. Including Thanksgiving and Easter.Christmas time is the season where people give gifts to each other. This year, you can Send trees as Christmas Trees Gifts to in USA who loves nature and enjoy being outdoors.
To promote flowering the following year, leave the plant outside for three weeks. In midsummer to early fall, then bring it inside. Before temperatures drop below the mid-40s. They prefer to be pot-bound, so you would not have to report them for years. During the growing season, from April to October, fertilize once a month.

4. Cyclamen

These cool-season plants can withstand temperatures in the 40s. Which makes them popular in the winter.
Place in a light that is diffuse but not harsh. To prolong flowering, you must avoid warm draughts, deadhead, spent flowers, and yellow leaves by pulling off the stem near the foliage line. Water from the bottom, not the top, by placing the plant in a saucer of water and allowing it to absorb for 15 to 20 minutes before removing it. Water should not be on the leaves.

5. Anthurium plant

Anthurium plant

This sun-loving, humidity-loving plant provides traditional Christmas aesthetics. Its distinctive red, heart-shaped spathes and lush green foliage scream Christmas. This plant is ideal for beginners because it requires little care and will bloom for months or at that time.Because this is a low-maintenance plant, you can give it as a gift to Delivering Plants fit for Christmas!

6. Jade plant

According to Feng Shui or Vastu, this plant is lucky for the owner and brings happiness and prosperity to the owner’s home and office. According to Vastu, keeping it near the entrance of your home or office brings good luck and health. A jade plant near a money box in the office or shop brings prosperity and success. Giving your brother a Jade plant will bring success into his life. Besides that, the Jade plant is not very expensive, and there are many special offers during the holiday season. So, it is available for as little as 100 Rs and is simple to maintain.

7. Maranta plant

Maranta plant

The unique shape of the leaves is what ends up making this plant so magnificent. The oval leaves are flat during the day and fold at night. The folding on the leaves resembles the folded hands of a person praying to the Almighty. It is the reason why it is also known as the Prayer Plant. The leaves are deep green with pink veins. It would brighten up the space wherever you intend to keep it. Moreover, it would cut toxic compounds from the air.

Take this opportunity to gift both family and friends as well Mother Nature. Little steps make a change, so do not hesitate to put forward this small yet valuable step. Merry Christmas!
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