7 Best Usable Gifts for Plant and Gardening Lovers

Plants are wonderful gifts and for gardening enthusiasts it is the best gift. Plant lovers love spending time in their backyard and garden to plant saplings and remove unwanted plants. For environment too these are very helpful and they would overall help in reducing the temperature of the earth. Also in recent times plants have become one of the most popular décor for living spaces. Different décor made out of greenery and plants are making everyone’s home look gorgeous and lovely. Thus we are here with unique and best usable gifts for the plant and gardening lovers out there.

Rustic Wagon Wheel Wreath

This is a nice wreath made with the help of spring flowers and wagon wheel. One can use this wreath at their entrance or in the living room and make the living space look pretty. Gorgeous flowers and foliage are wrapped around the wagon wheel to give it a look like wreath. Also a tiny watering can is glued on one side of the wheel to make it look more charming. Thus this delicate wreath will be appreciated not only by plant lovers but by anyone. Make plant delivery to your near and dear ones for special occasions and festivals ad convey greetings.

Face Vases with Plants

You can be creative with your gifts and draw whimsical faces on the vase to make it look more quirky. This simple artwork will transform the whole vase. Thus create eyes and lips on the vase and by planting little saplings in vase give them hair too. This would be one of the cutest gifts for the plant lovers and they would look to decorate these face vases in the library or room. Succulents would be the best plants for these face vases and will make the plant look even more attractive.

Sand Terrariums with Air Plants

Nowadays people use different colored sand to make the plant look gorgeous. Also one can make patterns inside the vase with the help of colored sand. These art works perfect for different variety of air plants. These sand terrariums with Air Plants are wonderful gifts for any time of the year and would be appreciated by plant and gardening lovers as they are unique. These small terrariums will look great with these unique patterns created out of colored sand.

Rustic Plant Gift Wrap

Plant Gifts are the best for receiver, environment and everyone but the tricky part is about wrapping these plants. We love to make our gifts look attractive with nice packaging but when the gift is plants we get confused. So you can use burlap or paper and get creative giving the plant an edgy look. You can simply wrap the lower half of the plant with burlap adorn it with colorful ribbon or string thus little flair is added to the gift through this method. Thus a simple plant would look very elegant and it is makes a thoughtful gift too.

Flower Paper Lanterns

Plant lovers are so compassionate towards nature and thus they love lovely gifts made out of plants and flowers. You have to invest your time to make these lovely flower lanterns. Simply take paper lanterns and make them look elegant with the help of silk flowers and leaves. You can decorate the lantern in your own way. These are wonderful decorations for one’s backyard and also for balconies. They would look even more gorgeous when the lantern is lighted. When these lanterns are decorated with fake flowers they would look lovely all round the year.

A Houseplant

This is an obvious gift for a plant lover. A plant lover would be amazed to receive plant as gifts even though they have wide variety of plants already planted or decorated in their garden or home. So you can surprise them with a nice and tiny houseplant that would brighten any corner of their home. For a plant lover there are never too many plants. So plant being an obvious gift choice will clearly make the receiver happy. Send birthday plants online to your friends and relatives on their birthday and wish them a very happy birthday with this thoughtful gift.

Gardening Tools

You will find your gardening and plant loving plant always in backyard and garden. Also they keep on ordering unique gardening tools even though they already have it. Thus gardening tools are the cleverest gifts for them. Choose the gardening tools according to the size of the garden of the receiver, if they have small garden go for axes, hoe, sickle and if they have big garden go for lawn aerators, trenchers, etc.

These are some best usable gifts for Plant lovers and they can have great time with these lovely plant and gardening gifts.

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