7 Cookies variation Ideas that all Ages of People will Love

Cookies are one of the favorite snacks that people all over the world admire and are popular throughout the world with different type of names. Over the years cookies has gained the name and has become everyone’s favorite finger food. Different have their own recipe and texture of the cookie they like. Cookies are so dear to little ones as well as the elders. Thus nowadays cookies are available in so many different flavors and types. So we are here with 7 cookies variation idea that you guys will love.

Benne Wafer

These cookies are made of toasted sesame seeds and it has the decadent taste of almond and caramel. These are comparatively thinner and crispier cookies. These cookies are the specialty of South Carolina’s Low country from colonial times. It is believed this recipe was brought by the colonies from East Africa. The Bantu word for sesame is benne and earlier these seeds were planted throughout the south. It is also believed that eating these benne wafer cookies brings good luck. These cookies have a rich brown color and sweet and nutty texture. Make cookie delivery to your loved ones on important occasions and festivals to convey your festival greetings.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

These cookies are the classic drop cookies, everyone’s favorite. Cookies are usually made with semisweet chocolate chips, white chocolate, milk chocolate etc. These cookies can also be made of strawberry and butterscotch. A woman Ruth Graves Wake-field is attributed the creation of chocolate chip cookies back in 1930s. She crushed the semi sweet chocolate bar and added it to the batch of cookies and these came to be known as classic American chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are little chewy and little crispy but generally have the same recipe.

Gingerbread Cookies

These cookies are made from stiffer dough, which is chilled and later rolled out and cut into small unique shapes with the help of cookie cutter. These cookies are usually harder than most cookies and are made of intrinsic designs and characters. They are decorated with royal icing. These cookies are staple holiday cookies and this tradition was started by the people of Germany. Gingerbread houses are made with these cookies and are very popular cookies for the holiday season and for Christmas and New Year. In America this tradition was brought by European settlers.

Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich cookies today have become one of most favorite cookies of the people. These are two regular cookies which are fused together with different types of fillings like frosting, ice cream, jam, peanut butter, marshmallows etc. The most popular cookies all across the world are Oreos. They are admired both by kids as well as adults. There are more than million types of sandwich cookies made of different flavors like strawberry cream, pineapple cream, orange cream, chocolate cream and many more. Kids love licking the cream between the two cookies and eat the rest.

Sugar Cookies

These are one of the earliest cookies which are make with flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla and baking powder. These cookies are more or less similar to snicker doodles. These cookies are rolling in white sugar whereas snicker doodles are roll in cinnamon sugar. Cookies can be serve in so many different ways and it is the treat to the consumer. These cookies are consume plain, topped with frosting or sprinkles which are rolled out and cut into different shapes. Cookies too are very popular in America during holiday season. These cookies were first make by a Swedish woman back in 1910s.

Kiss Cookies

You have to bake regular peanut butter cookies and stir the four magic ingredients to make these cookies. You have to top these cookies with Hershey’s kiss and your kiss cookies are ready. We are sure your kids and other family members will love this twist to the cookies. This is one of the easiest cookies yet the most delicious of all that is admire by everyone. Thus the secret ingredient here is Hershey’s kisses chocolates which are the game changers for these cookies. Thus making these cookies is simple, easy and quick. Send birthday gifts online to your loved ones and wish them a very happy birthday.

Fortune Cookies

These cookies are a nice surprise your loved ones and family members. These cookies are make from vanilla, sesame seed oil, flour and sugar. They are crispy sugar cookies. These cookies were invent by a Japanese immigrant in San Francisco in early 1900s and get really famous around World War 2 and when so many Japanese descent people were placed in internment camps. This opportunity was using by Chinese manufacturers and they took it. These cookies have a piece of paper inside that tells the fortune of the consumer of the cookies. Thus everyone loves cracking open this fortune cookie to read various messages and their fortune.

We hope these different varieties of cookies are admire by your friends and family members when you bake them.

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