7 Countries that make the delicious chocolate for chocoholics

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.7 Countries that make the delicious chocolate for chocoholics

All round the year, the stores are full of boxes of chocolates and confectionery goodies as you don’t need an excuse to reach for a piece of sweet treats and chocolates. Every country in the world is famous in its own way and some even have their world-famous traditions. But one thing that makes every country unique is its cuisine. Taste unites people and sometimes something becomes very famous in a particular place and it gets its name from the same. One of the most loved and appreciated treats are chocolates also chocolate is something that goes with everything. Some people around the world are crazy about chocolates and then there are some countries also that make the best and yummiest chocolates ever. Thus we are here with some 7 countries that make the most delicious chocolates which the chocoholics will surely love and go crazy for.

1. Belgium: Belgian chocolate

Belgium is one of the most famous places for chocolate. You must definitely go to a chocolate shop when you visit Belgium as it has over 2000 chocolate shops throughout the country. The unique thing about Belgium chocolate is that it is cooled only after its production process which is because this method allows holding on more aromas. This chocolate is entirely handcrafted and these are the factors that make this chocolate a little more expensive. You would definitely treat yourself with the same. You can make online best Belgian chocolate delivery to your loved ones living miles away from you and convey your wishes to them through sweet treats and surprises.

2. Switzerland: Swiss chocolate

You might have not been to Switzerland yet but you would have surely eaten Swiss chocolate. The most famous Swiss chocolate brand is Lindt which is sold all around the world. The interesting part about the production of Swiss chocolate is that though Switzerland’s climate is not conducive of growing cacao plants, they still found a way to produce chocolate. The average Swiss eats more than 10 kilos of chocolate per year which makes them the most chocolate consumption per capita.

3. United Kingdom: Cadbury

It’s difficult not knowing the name of the Cadbury brand also it is hard to pass up a Cadbury egg when they appear in the grocery store. This brand originated in the United Kingdom and it originally sold tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate initially. The Cadbury brothers supplied chocolate to Queen Victoria and developed dairy milk chocolate that is famous for having higher milk content. One can buy Cadbury chocolates around the world. Buy milk chocolate online from our online gift store and treat your near and dear ones with special chocolate treats for their special day.


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4. Hunter Valley: Australia chocolate

Hunter Valley in Australia is one of the great places for chocolates as well as wines. It is also called Mecca of wine and chocolate. You can find a number of artisanal produced handmade chocolates and fudge. The famous chocolate brands here are fudge factory and Twenty-3-twenty which is also called heaven for chocolate lovers. They perfectly blend the Belgian chocolate with Australian nuts and fruits and sometimes the chocolates are also infused with fruit oils.

5. Madrid: Spain chocolate

The best place to go after a date night in Spain. It is to a famous chocolatier which is there known as Churrerias. You can find the best chocolates in the early morning before breakfast. A most famous snack that is covered with chocolate is a long waffle stick that is fried dough called churros. This churros tastes savor and it is dunked in thick bittersweet hot chocolates. You can find the best churro in Chocolateria San Gines which is also the right place to find chocolate gifts. You can order a chocolate box gift for dear ones on occasion from our online gift store and convey your greetings in the sweetest way.

6. Vienna, Austria

The best and the most famous chocolate dessert famous in Vienna, Austria is a chocolate sponge cake. This cake is thinly coated by hand with apricot jam then it is covered with dark chocolate icing. So a chocolate lover is surely going to drool. The cake is also called Sachertorte and it tastes best when we have it with champagne or coffee. The icing on the cake is inspired by the city’s architecture from Vienna State Opera to Imperial Hofburg Palace which is a purely magical elegance.

7. Bournemouth, England

For a chocolate lover, there is so much more to offer than just eating chocolate for the chocolate lover. You can stay at the chocolate boutique hotel where you can simply eat, breathe, and sleep chocolates. There are chocolate-themed rooms in the hotel and it is a perfect place for every chocolate lover. You can find cascading chocolate fountains, chocolate making classes so shortly it is a heaven for chocoholics.  Visit our website and know the reasons why chocolate makes the perfect gift for various special occasions and festivals.

We hope now you would know which countries in the world manufacture the best chocolate and chocolate treats for chocoholics.

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