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7 Delicious Ideas to Reuse Leftover Easter Eggs

Every one of us has been there. After Easter Sunday there would be tones of Easter chocolates that would be left hanging around in shapes of bunnies, eggs and what not. You will literally feel like even if you eat chocolates for the rest of the year they won’t finish. There are so many creative ways to make use of these chocolates. These ideas mentioned below are so cool that even the kids can help you out for making these delicious treats with the leftover Easter chocolates. So you guys would not only have a fun Easter Sunday but also fun time following Easter Sunday. Like Easter everyone in your family can gather one such day and involve themselves in making and eating these yummy treats. Send Easter gifts online to your friends and relatives and wish them happy Easter through lovely and thoughtful Easter gifts. Thus if you want to get rid of these leftover chocolates from Easter, hang in there because we have got some really cool ideas to reuse and make the most of those chocolates.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the most straight forward option is making chocolate chip cookies and depending on leftover chocolate you can decide how much cookies you can bake. You can freeze homemade cookies for up to 3 months and so you can eat them whenever you want to. Tasty chocolate chip cookies can be easily made from the leftover chocolates from Easter. You can find amazing chocolate chip cookies recipe online and one thing you need to make sure is replace the chocolate chips required with the cut up pieces of Easter chocolates.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

You can make Easter chocolate biscuit cake with different Easter chocolates and biscuits. You won’t need a lot of cake but some digestive biscuits, butter and so many chocolates. You will have to start by crushing the biscuits; you can do it in a food processor. Melt your Easter egg chocolates in a bowl and add butter to the melting chocolate. You can also add marshmallows to the mixture and pour the mixture into a tin and allow it to cool. You can decorate the top with sprinkles or mini eggs to make it look decorative.

Chocolate Rice Krispies Cake

This is an old classic and you cannot go wrong if you decide to make Chocolate Rice Krispie Cake with leftover Chocolate cake. It is super easy to make this cake and kids will love to help you out with these cute little treats. You will just have to break up and melt your Easter egg chocolate. You can mix it with Rice Krispies and you can make little cupcake cases out of it. You can top them off with mini eggs to make it look and taste better.

Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn’t like brownies? Every one of us does so make best brownies out leftover Easter chocolates. You will have to substitute leftover plain chocolate with Easter chocolate. For making scrummier brownies you can fill them with caramel and nuts without baking them in a brownie tin. You can further decorate these brownies with colorful candies and drizzle chocolate sauce over it.

Crème Egg Milkshake

Easter is not Easter without a mountain of Crème Eggs. So if you have plenty of Cadbury Easter eggs left why not use them to make mouth watering milkshake. This is a very delicious treat so kids as well as the elder ones will love this treat. You can further decorate this with colorful sprinkles and chocolate chips and also add striped straws to give the drink real retro American diner look.

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites

These are healthy treats and if your kids do not eat fruits it is a great way to make them eat the fruits. You simply have to cut the bananas in little pieces. Now melt the leftover Easter chocolate and use it as a dip. You will have to dip these banana pieces in to the melted chocolate. Also use cake pop sticks. You will have to freeze these chocolate covered banana bites for some time. Just imagine how easy this recipe is and your kids will have so much fun eating this delicious dessert moreover it is very healthy. Make Easter chocolate delivery to your near and dear ones and convey your sweetest Easter greetings through decadent chocolate treats for Easter.

Easter Egg Cascade

There will be so many different types of Easter treats that would be leftover, thus go for this dessert and you won’t get enough of this amazing creation. This gorgeous Easter egg chocolate cascade is one of the great ways to use the leftover Easter chocolates. You can create a beautiful chocolate centerpiece with these leftover chocolates. This is going to be the perfect treat for the whole family ad everyone will love it because it contains favorite chocolates of everyone in the family.

We hope you will enjoy these delicious treats and love these ideas of reusing the leftover Easter Eggs.

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