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7 Gifts Ideas to pamper your friend in the Hospital

When your loved one is hospitalized it is not only difficult for them but it is difficult for you too. We often send them flowers and balloons to cheerful them so they can feel good. But these are many generic gifts, we must surprise them with gifts that are better and for a while take away illness from them. Your dear one would be probably having hard time and so you can pamper them with below gifts so they would have the pleasant stay in the hospital. You can always gift them something that would enhance their comfort and show you care about them. Our near and dear ones when terminally ill would need our love and support and we should make them feel better even if we are miles away. This small gesture would go a long way and they would be so thankful to you. Thus we are here with some amazing gift ideas to pamper your friends admitted in the Hospital.

Prescription Coffee Mug

You can get this gift personalized for your friend who is hospitalized. Actually this is a 3D doctor prescription mug which can hold some 12 ounces of your coffee. The mug has all sorts of funny information on the label including the dosage information like drink one mug by mouth and repeat until awake and be alert. This prescription never expires, thus this mug makes a perfect funny gift for your friend who is hospitalized and not feeling well. Send flower bouquets online to your friends and relatives on various occasions and festivals to convey your wishes.

A Handmade Card

This might be a very simple gift but it will mean so much. Your friend will be glad and be all mushy with this beautiful gesture of you taking your precious time out to make them something really special. A handmade card would require your efforts, love and time and thus this thoughtful gift will help the healing process of your friend. If you are not so artsy, you can also get a nice get well soon card from store and write a heartfelt message inside it.

Your Favorite Book

A good book is always a wonderful gift for any occasion; it is one of the best gifts you can give to your friend while they are ill because nothing passes the time like a good book. You and your friend would have somewhat similar taste when it comes to books and other interests. So pick up a copy of the book you know your friend would love too and even in illness they would have great time reading the book. You can also give them a book you want them to read for a long time.

Digital Photo Frame

People would want to live their happy times again when they are dreadful and sick. They want to relive their old memories and be surrounded by their loved ones. It is not possible to take them out while they are recovering or going through some medications, so you can recall their positive memories by giving them a digital photo frame which is loaded with so many special photos. These frames would hold thousand of photo and they would already start feeling better. This gift would also provide them a homey touch to the inpatient hospice center.

Photo Album or Scrapbook

Just like digital photo frame the scrapbook or album will also bring them comfort and joy. You can choose a small size album they can keep with them below their pillow and go through the photos when they are in pain. The patient will absorb the images and from within teleport to those golden days of their life. This will in many ways make their condition better. Make get well soon gifts delivery to your near and dear ones when they are unwell or hospitalized and pamper them.

Floral Cake

If your loved one couldn’t eat a normal or traditional cake, you can surprise them with a flower cake. This cake would be decorated with edible flowers or it would be simply a flower arrangement in form of a cake. You can also make them blow out candles to add the excitement. This way you can also celebrate their birthday even when they are in hospital on this special day. They would be glad to receive such loving surprise from you and this celebration will also take away their suffering and illness for quite some time.

Soothing Candle

The candlelight will make the patient’s room more inviting and cozier. The fragrance of the candle would also be soothing and relaxing. The fragrance would even provide some respite from symptoms and worries and it would also bring back some good memories to them. It would also reduce their pain and induce sleep. But before buying candles check it with the doctor and also check whether they are not allergic to some fragrances.

We hope these wonderful and thoughtful gifts will make your friend in the hospital feel better.


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