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7 Green Plant that can help you to make Small Indoor Garden

Your home not having a garden or backyard, do not stop you from having lovely green plant at your place. You can always have a small area in the corner of your home wherein you can make a small indoor garden. For this you have to go with the plants that take up little space. Also windows work well with the plants that take up minimal space. These plants wouldn’t die even if they are kept inside the home. These Plants will satisfy your green thumb and you will have a nice green area at your place. Thus we are here with some 7 green plants that will help you get a small indoor garden at your place.

Good Luck Bamboo

Bamboo Plant has a strong growth and peaceful vitality and so it is considered lucky. It is easily take care of and is a hydroponic plant which can easily bring to any surroundings. This Bamboo plant is presented in a natural bamboo cube and white pebbles are also kept to keep this bamboo plant stand upright. Thus this plant will look really good at the center table in your living room or any such area which you want to make decorative and look lovely.

Calla Lily Plant

This is one of the very beautiful and lovely plants to decorate your small indoor plants as they have incredible blooms of stunning hot pink colour that would be make the area look wonderful. The plant is erected on stylish metallic container glazed in pink and orange designs. You can also gift this plant to your near and dear ones for conveying your congratulatory wishes on their housewarming and they can also decorate this plant at their new home.

Rose Repose

For a green thumb and flower lovers, their garden isn’t complete without roses. This blush pink rose’s potted plant is present in a neat and tidy white ceramic planter that would complement the light pink roses even more. Thus this plant is a beautiful choice as gift for any occasion to oblige your loved ones. It is a fabulous flowering plant so you can also decorate it in your bedroom and wake up every day to these blushing pink roses. Make plant delivery to your loved ones on special occasion and convey your wishes through thoughtful gift.

Azalea Bonsai

This Azalea Bonsai is also a wonderful plant with popping pink blooms with lush green foliage in form of blooms. This plant is present in different colors of Asian style ceramic that would make the plant look even lovelier. Small river rocks in assorted colors are placed on to vase so that they look best at your entrance or in your balcony. This plant will make a lasting impression when used for gifting.

Peace Lily Plant

You can easily take care of this plant and it requires medium to low light. It has to be water only when the top of the soil gets dry. You can decorate this plant by the window or door. At entrance the plants looks good and gives warm welcome to guests. This is a modern planter with traditional leaves and thus will look very nice in your small indoor garden. This beautiful green plant is tuck in white ceramic container.

Green Mound Juniper

This plant resembles the natural movement of the tree’s trunk that captures the essence of bonsai. This Green Mound is Juniper’s most used variety and

you can easily trim its foliage making it more popular for the beginners. It is print in an ideal humidity tray and has to be protected with bonsai care. Send birthday plants online to wish your friends and family members happy birthday in a lush green manner.

Rainbow Rays Potted Gerbera

If you want something colorful and bright like a sun in your small indoor garden, this Rainbow Rays Potted Gerbera is one of the best. Yellow gerbera daisy plant is pot in a bright yellow glazed terracotta pot. This will make a lovely house plant and will make any corner of your room a happy and shining bright place. You can use it as home decor to make your home space look attractive. When this plant is indoors you do not have to take much care so it is easier.

These are some amazing green plants, so flex your thumb even if you are not blessed with tons of square footage.


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