7 Jaw Dropping Beautiful Birthday Cake Ideas for UK

7 Jaw Dropping Beautiful Birthday Cake Ideas for UK

Birthdays and Cakes are synonymous. If there is no cake, is there really a birthday bash? Of course not. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a birthday cake. The best part is that cakes are available in so many varieties and designs. You can get a chocolate cake, fruit cake, vanilla cake, photo cake, designer cake, multi-tier cake, and whatnot. You can get the cakes elaborately decorate ton to have the most celebratory decadent dessert for your dear one’s special day. Cakes will sure make the occasion more celebratory and fun. Cakes are versatile because they add to the celebration as well as works as the best dessert for the party. Thus we are here with some of the most jaw-dropping beautiful birthday cake ideas that the birthday girl or boy would definitely appreciate and love.

1] Coconut Angel Cake

Coconut Angel Cake

This is a light, elegant, and airy cake that feels decadently celebratory. This soaring cake is big on flavor and light on sugar and fat, it is all because of airy triple layers. This cake is made with baking powder, unsweetened coconut milk, unsalted butter, sugar, and for the frosting package cream cheese, sugar, heavy cream, and toasted flaked coconut is used. This beautifully decorated coconut cake is just perfect.

2] Red Velvet Snowball Cake

Red Velvet Snowball Cake

Red velvet cakes are very impressive looking cake but this cake looks more special because of cream cheese frosting. This is a classic wintry makeover cake with the coconut cream cheese frosting. From outside this cake looks so beautiful, classic white and from inside it is red velvet sponge and cream cheese. Make birthday cake delivery to UK and wish your loved ones a very happy birthday through the mouthwatering and scrumptious cake.

3] Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake

Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake

If you are looking for a pink color cake then this one is just perfect. You would have heard a lot about red velvet cake, but this is a pink velvet cake that is red velvet’s sassier cousin. The confection of the cake is fruity and fun and it has the prettiest blush pink hues. It is basically a raspberry pink velvet cake with the raspberry cream cheese frosting. Buy gift online UK from our online gift store and greet them with one of the best gifts to convey your love and affection to them.

4] Cookies and Ice Cream Cake

Cookies and Ice Cream Cake

If your loved one is a big fan of cookies and ice cream then you can go with these cookies and ice cream cake. This cake is a great idea for someone who isn’t a fan of the traditional birthday cake. Everyone would love this mixture of ice cream and cookies as one cannot go wrong with this combination. You can order different flavors of chocolate in UK and surprise your friends and relatives with decadent chocolate treats and sweets for various special occasions and festivals.

5] Ice Cream Cone Cake

Ice Cream Cone Cake

Kids, as well as adults who are fond of ice cream, will love this cake for sure. They would certainly shriek with joy looking at this fantasy dessert. This cake has golden and buttery layers sandwich chocolate cookie crumbs. Moreover, it is topped with custard frosting that is served with soft-serve ice cream. The crisp wafer cones are filled with the batter and then they are crowned with swirls of ice cream style frosting.

6] Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake

If you are looking for a classic sponge cake, that has been originated from German settlers then this is just perfect. You can make the thrifty use of many egg whites that are left over after making noodles. This cake includes ingredients like egg whites, warm water, sugar, ground ginger, vanilla, tartar, salt, and sifted cake flour. This cake is served best with whipped cream and berries. For someone who loves simple yet delicious cakes, this angel food cake is more than just perfect. You can get amazing gift hamper ideas for friends in the UK and treat them with thoughtful and fun gift hampers for their special days.

7] Salted Caramel “Ding Dong” Cake

Salted Caramel “Ding Dong” Cake

This cake may look like a giant lunchbox treat.  It is made with ultra-smooth ganache and its final flourish is done with crunchy sea salt. This is one of the most elegant cakes that is made with strong coffee, vanilla extract, baking powder, flour, salt, unsalted butter, cocoa powder, and oil spray. For the filling and assembling, you will need flaky sea salt, powdered sugar, heavy cream, and unflavored gelatin. This salted caramel is one of the best cakes for someone who loved caramel which will surely make their day very special.

We hope these 7 jaw-dropping beautiful birthday cake ideas are perfect to celebrate the birthday of your loved one in a sweeter way.

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