7 Lip smacking yet scary Halloween Cake Ideas for Spooky Season

In today’s generation no festival or occasion is complete without a cake. So if you are hosting a Halloween party or just celebrating Halloween and need a Halloween Cake idea, you are at the right place. A spooky Halloween Cake is a great dessert and it can also make a perfect centerpiece to your fantastic Halloween party. Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday and we spend it together with our family and we need dessert like Cake to celebrate. Thus cakes are best for any special festival and occasion so we can enjoy the event at fullest. We have here compiled all our favorite Halloween cake ideas for this spooky season.

Frankenstein Cake

This is a spooky yet spectacular Frankenstein Cake that would make a great centerpiece for your Halloween Party. Just make the guests beware of this walking dead Frankenstein when they enter or it would literally scare them. You are simply required to bake a regular cake and prepare spring green icing to cover the cake later use black pouch icing to make the eyes and hair of Frankenstein. Everyone especially kids would love this cake and you can even order the cake online for your Halloween Party. This cake is spooky as well as cute at the same time.

Skull Cake

This creepy skull cake is one of the scariest cakes you can have for Halloween party. The cake looks so scary and creative but trust us it is very simple to make this cake in few easy steps. This cake has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth of your skull so that makes it look even more realistic. This is a spooky cake with great detailing and it will definitely taste better than its looks. You will have to use black and white icing to make this masterpiece cake and you all your creativity to make the minute detailing. Make Halloween gift delivery to your friends and relatives and wish them Happy Halloween through lovely gifts and surprises.

Ghost Cake

Let this sweet ghostly cake haunt your Halloween Party. For this cake you will require a round pan and simply a butter cream icing recipe to make this cake. This is quite easy but a very cool cake which kids as well as the elders will appreciate. You will have to prepare multi layered cake and prepare butter cream icing and cover the cake with white icing. You are required to using black icing to outline the cake and also fill in eyes and mouth. This is a wonderful Halloween Cake which will make a spooky Halloween centerpiece too.

Mummy Cake

Little goblins that would be invited to your Halloween Party will run for their mummies when they see this Mummy Cake. To make this cake even spookier you can also add a fondant spider friend. You are required to bake a sports ball cake and ice it with chocolate icing. Roll out white fondant and cut it into wide strip. Leave the eye area open and cover the cake by attaching strips with damp brush. To make eyes you can use yellow fondant and also roll thin ropes for legs to make it look more realistic.

Graveyard Cake

You can recreate this spooky cake with variety of your favorite cookies. Actually Milano cookies are perfect to make tombstone toppers of your Halloween Cake. You can also crush some cookies to create piles of dirt around the cake. You can add this type of creepy additions to cake according to your choice. You can also use some cookies and write RIP on them using chocolate icing as it would make the cake look so real and it will look perfect for spooky Halloween display at your center table for Halloween.

X-RAY Cake

You may find this cake a little complicated but you have to simply use and shape white fondant to create the bones. You can use your favorite candies to decorate and make the perfect Halloween Cake. Also fill the reseal able plastic bag with chocolate frosting and cover the entire cake with it. You can make the spinal column with the help of white fondant strips and make heart with the help of hard candy. This cake will look very unique and guests would be excited to eat the cake too.

Monster Eye Cake

This is a creepy cake but we are sure everyone will love this cake. It is also very easy to decorate this cake. You can use chocolate sandwich cookies cut in half to make the perfect eyeballs for the cake. Till the last piece of the cake, it would watch you as there are numerous eyes on the cake. This cake looks spooky yet absurd and it would surely catch so many eyes this Halloween. Send Halloween cake online to your near and dear ones and convey Halloween wishes through this unique gift idea.

We hope these lip smacking yet scary Halloween Cakes brings in full Halloween and fall vibes for this Spooky season.

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