7 Trendy Smash Cake Ideas for Kid's 1st Birthday

7 Trendy Smash Cake Ideas for Kid’s 1st Birthday

Cake smash photo shoot is a trick to capture the sweetest moment of your kid’s first birthday party. The thought behind it to preserve precious moments. A photo shoot requires perfect decoration. If you have no idea about it, get an idea from here. We have followed inspiring cake smash ideas to get the stunning photo shoots of your babies. So let’s get it started.

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1] Mickey Mouse-inspired cake smash

Mickey Mouse-inspired cake smash

If your baby loves Mickey mouse or Disney cartoons you can consider her or his likes into cake smash party. You need Mickey Mouse ears, Mickey Mouse masks and other inspiring things related to Disney princess or Mickey Mouse decoration. Don’t forget to personalize the cake in Mickey Mouse theme. Get your baby a Mickey Mouse costume. Now be ready for cake smash photo shoot. Just place your baby in front of the cake and instantly start taking snaps. You know the cake is going to empty in a minute, so do it fast. Share it to your facebook, twitter, Instagram friends. You will surely get an abundance of likes.

2] Bumble Baby Cake

Bumble Baby Cake

Photoshoot helps you in saving the memories. When you are not in a mood momentous photos help in rewinding happy moments. Kids are as sweet as honey. Bumble baby cake smash is really a good thought to portray happy memories. A bumble baby theme is a thoughtful decoration for capturing perfect smash cake photos. Get the cake, baby costumes, and decoration in buzzworthy theme to get the adorable first birthday picture of your baby.

3] Picnic Party Cake

Picnic Party Cake

If you really want a simple and adorable cake smash photo shoot, apply a picnic party cake smash idea into the first birthday celebration. Let your kid enjoy the picnic on these sunny days. Watermelon is just a perfect thing set beside the baby. An outdoor picnic spot is perfect to get the desiring picnic smash cake photo shoot. Leave your baby in front of the cake on the outdoor farm and enjoy his cake. Let your baby enjoy the picnic; let your baby finish the cake. The moment is precious capture it into your camera.

4] Decked Out Flapper Cake

Decked Out Flapper Cake

Flapper smash cake idea is a perfect thing to ornament the space with pearls and laces decoration. For this smash cake picture, you need to arrange all from costume to cake to decoration in flapper style. Let your angle look beautiful with pearls and floral theme costume. Pink floral pattern cake looks adorable and matches with the style. Give your angel a fairy look by placing a crown on the head. Or you can get the hair band adorned with lace and pearls. Take your baby in front of the cake and here you go.

5] Cowgirl Smash Cake

Cowgirl Smash Cake

A cowgirl smash cake is a perfect theme for the little babies digging into cake soon. You can easily apply this theme to a birthday party by wearing her cowgirl costumes. All from bloomers and hat of girl should be in cowgirl theme. Don’t overlook the backyard. The backyard must be covered in cowgirl theme decoration. Now get the cake personalized in cowgirl theme and enjoy the cake smash session now. The cutest moment is here to catch in camera so do it fast.

6] Frills Flowers Smash Cake

Frills Flowers Smash Cake

Make it simple and clear. Take your baby in the nature place and do not apply any type of decoration. Just fill the place with flower and cake. Place a simple blanket and light colored costume of a floral theme. Hanging flowers in a jar and floral theme cake is just perfect to follow the frills flowers smash cake photo shoot. No worries if you do not have an idea from where to buy the cake. Here is the perfect online cake shop to send birthday cake online in any country in the world.

7] Cookie Monster Cake

Cookie Monster Cake

The first birthday never repeats in life. Mom and Dad can enjoy his first ever milestone celebration by planning a cookie monster cake smash idea. Blue and black balloons match with the monster theme party. Blue cookie monster cookie cake adds extra fun. Props are set behind to get the matching decoration. Now be ready to get the blasting photo shoot. How cute, baby’s lips are covered with blue icing. This is what the parents wanted to catch the unforgettable moments.

Cake smash completes the first birthday celebration. If you are ready for it, follow any one theme followed over here. All are good enough to catch the precious moments of the first birthday. It will give you the pleasure behind preserving the sweetest memories of your kid’s childhood days. Later on, it will help you and your kids to recreate the special moments. If your kids first birthday is coming, be ready to plan a smash cake celebration.


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