Christmas is all about decorating the homes and bringing in the festive feels. Every family member tries to give in their best efforts to decorate their house. Decorating the house sometimes becomes a tedious task because it needs a lot of brainstorming to have different decoration ideas every year. We are here with jolly decorative ideas that would light up your home from the porch to the kitchen and you will get festive vibes from any corner of the home. Few decorations will give you the feel of North Pole too.

1) String up a Starry Sky Decoration for Home

There are various types of stars for Christmas decoration available online and in stores. Go for different kinds types of stars like metallic ones, papers one, glow in dark ones and wood stars. You can hang these stars on your ceiling or at the staircase and create a sky look at home. Stars give the walls three-dimensional effect and thus you can keep them up for whole winter.

2) Casual Table Decoration

You can turn your table into Tumblr artsy. Buy Christmas themed dining table mats, coasters and napkins. You can decorate the table with Christmas flowers like poinsettias, Ivy, Amaryllis or Christmas rose. This dinner table decoration will bring festive vibes when all the family members gather for the meals in holidays. You can place Santa caps on all the chairs to bring in all the Christmas feels.

3) Garlands Decoration

 Garlands made of various Christmas flowers; greenery and foliage are so popular in Christmas Season. People decorate their fireplace, entrance gate, stairway, mantel, windowsill, a door frame and almost everything with garlands. These are considered holy and even coordinate with the Christmas festival. You can also hang metallic bells and balls to the garland to give it a more festive look. People also use spruce and holy decorations for making garlands. Send christmas flowers online as Christmas presents to your loved ones.

4) D.I.Y Rope Tree Collar

We have a lot of time at Christmas as we are having for Christmas. So you definitely have time to be creative with Christmas decorations. You can use your old red skirt or a Christmas sweater to make the Christmas collar. The clothes in red, white and glitters make beautiful tree collars. You can also use the rope and stack it up in a circular manner and stick the circles with hot glue, your rope tree collar is ready.

5) Display Holiday Greetings

You can make a tree like an arrangement with art and craft supplies or something where you can hang your emails and greeting cards. You can hang your Christmas postcards and greeting cards on this arrangement. This would make your seasonal emails handy thus you can find them with ease. Send christmas gifts online to wish your friends and relatives Merry Christmas.

6) Put Wreaths on your Windows

There is a custom of hanging Christmas wreaths on the entrance gate. These Christmas wreaths denote welcome of guests and visitors for Christmas. But to decorate your home you can also hang small wreaths on your windowsill as they will look good and visitors outside can admire the home decor. You can go for colourful and elegant Christmas wreaths. If you want a traditional one you can D.I.Y it with spruce, foliage, greenery and ribbons.

7) Doors Flanked

Decorate the main door with big glittery stars and place small Christmas trees on both the sides of the door. You can decorate these Christmas trees with lights and other Christmas tree decorations. These decorations will spread holiday cheer and your visitors and guests will get delighted on seeing these Christmas decorations. These decorations are also called the signs of welcoming the guests.

8) Holiday Dining Chairs Decoration

This is a wonderful idea to give your boring wooden chairs a Christmas makeover. You can get your chair’s cover stitched in red and green Christmas colours. If you are good at art than become creative and draw Christmas characters on the chair with the paint. Along with the chairs, you must also decorate the table with an appealing tablecloth. These decorated Chairs can completely change the look of your home and turn into holiday creative Christmas home decoration.

These beautiful Christmas decorations will make your neighbours and guests envious and surprise at the same time. These decorations would spread happiness as it will attract the guests.

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