8 Meaningful Family Traditions to Have a Great Easter

8 Meaningful Family Traditions to Have a Great Easter

Easter has always been a special occasion for Christian families. In this special eve, family members gather up. They take an oath for their future revivification. Jesus Christ won conquest over the grave with His revivification. He provided for our revivification too. Easter signifies new life in the rebirth of Jesus.

Since ages families in the same country have a wide variety of Easter traditions. They enjoy the days leading up to Easter. At your Easter party which tradition comes first in your mind? Going to church or searching for eggs or the Jellybeans? There are so many ways to have a good time and enjoy this special day with the family members. Here you will find different interesting and meaningful Easter traditions that you won’t believe.

1 ) Nightly Scripture Reading And Scripture Easter Egg Hunt

Nightly Scripture Reading And Scripture Easter Egg Hunt

Scripture Reading and Scripture egg hunt are one of your many attempts to help teach your children that Easter is not about the Easter bunny only! It is about the bereavement and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior. You can try to reserve Easter Sunday to show your gratitude for the resurrection. The Easter scripture egg activity at the dinner table is a family tradition. It shares the Easter story in a playful manner to the kids. The eggs are numbered and inside of each egg, there is either candy or a scripture. The scripture is an object that represents the story about the sacrifice of Jesus.

2) Easter Books; Differentiating “Spring Activities”

Easter Books; Differentiating

Tradition is something that flows from one generation to another for a good cause. Kids love to dye Easter eggs, go for hunting the eggs, getting cozy with Easter bunny on this special day. But as a parent one must teach a kid the real meaning of this auspicious day. As this is a springtime and the children are on their study break, you will get ample of time to provide with some good spring activities. Carefully choose a unique easter gifts with a good Easter book for your kid. Let them read on their own. Let them perform some activity related to Easter which will make them focus towards the eve.

3) Easter Worship Dresses

Easter Worship Dresses

Despite the plans for Easter, it is indispensable that you and your family should wear the proper attire. You definitely would not want to offend anyone. Thus wear a proper formal or semi-formal dress code while heading towards the church. Wearing a new dress would make a sense as we all will be presented as His bride. A new white dress would count as an act of worship. It symbolizes your desire for Jesus and a long, holy, pure live.

4) Grace Baskets

Easter Grace Baskets

 Easter Grace Baskets can be a family tradition which symbolizes that Jesus is a huge gift giver. And also he belongs from a family of gift givers. Gifts are for sure a big deal in any occasion for any family. You can surprise with easter baskets delivery to your kids. This will make very clear that your family celebrations revolve around Christ’s resurrection.

5) A Christian Passover

A Christian Passover on Easter

The Easter time celebration Passover falls in early spring. It reminds how Jesus spared His people from death in Egypt. Passover is perfect for the forgiveness of sins. This is less commercialized but at the same time, it is very significant to the Christian roots!

 6) Resurrection Easter Eggs

Resurrection Easter Eggs

It’s been an old tradition in Christian families since ages. 12 sets of plastic eggs are used to teach kids the meaning of Easter. It tells the story of Jesus’ resurrection. In spite of so many stories, this tradition is fairly easy if you have the time and resources. It’s like including the days of Resurrection Sunday. It tells the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. You can make these eggs with your kids like a fun craft project. And use them to tell them about Jesus. It makes the lessons reachable to even the smallest kiddos.

7) Resurrection Garden

Resurrection Garden on Easter

Resurrection Garden is the great visual way to teach your kids about the burial and resurrection of Christ. It is highly favored by those seeking privacy for prayers and saintly medication. As the Easter holidays fast approaches, Christian families will be exploring for better places. You would definitely want to spend this important religious occasion with your family. Get some easter flowers delivery at your doorstep and opt for a Resurrection Garden for Easter Decorating with your kids! Kids would love to help you plant the grass seeds and watering every day. They will feel proud and excited as well.

8) Jelly Bean Story Easter Bags

Jelly Bean Story Easter Bags

Jelly Bean story bag is one of the most favorite Easter traditions among the Christian families. The kids take this act as a fun activity. They fill up a ziplock bag with colorful jelly beans and distribute those among the kids in church. Each jelly bean represents the part of the gospel story. Distributing the jelly beans give an opportunity to the kids to know what Easter is all about. They also get to know the meaning of sharing things with others.

Kids should know the importance of the resurrection. It is an essential part to celebrate Easter in a traditional way. It has become a highly commercial event. But these meaningful ways of celebrating Easter plays an important role in the origin of the fun side of Easter. It tells us that this is a serious sacred day, dealing with issues of life and death.

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