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8 Unique and Romantic Date Ideas at Home

When we talk about date night, you do not always have to go out with your partner. Some home dates are more romantic than any outing and you can have private space with your partner. Instead of spending many bucks for a date night outside, you can make some arrangements at home and have nice date.  Also for the partners who are working for longer hours hardly have time to go out once they are back from work, so these home date idea works best for these couples. Thus everyone will have different circumstances for wanting home date nights. Also if a couple have kids it is not really possible to go out for dates. Thus we are here to rescue you and give you some amazing, unique and romantic date ideas at home that would be budget friendly.

Have a Game Night

Game nights are one of the best ways to have a date night at home. One can open a bottle of wine, set out cheese board and challenge each other to bet. You can play games like Backgammon, cards, Rummy, Uno, scrabble and even video games. You will have hours of laughter and fun with your partner in this date idea. To make game night date idea even more fun you can host a double date or a group dates because game night turns more interesting with larger group of people.

Have a Tasting Party

One another idea for home dates is to have a tasting party. You can pick a theme like whiskey, ice cream, cookies, chocolates or lay out bunch of other options and choose the one you like the most. To have extra fun you can also create tasting stations and take a sheet of paper to take tasting notes. Sky is a limit for tasting party and you can choose whatever you want to choose.  This way you can even binge eat your favorite eatable without any type of guilt. Make online chocolate delivery to your near and dear ones on their birthdays and other important occasions to convey your wishes.

Turn your Bedroom into a Fancy Hotel Room

Staying in fancy hotel rooms always feels so luxurious. Thus if you do not have a budget, you can always turn your own bedroom into a fancy hotel room and have a romantic stay with this home date idea. To turn your bedroom into a fancy hotel room place a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice near the bed, light few scented candles and turn on soft music, place some sample sizes of fancy body lotion and other skin care products in your bathroom and order your favorite food and eat in bed.

Home Spa Date

You can set up a relaxing and romantic home spa date without a high price tag. For this slip into comfy spa style robes and slippers and make your own face masks and body scrubs. Also draw a bath for two and drop in nice bath bombs. You can also fill a pitcher of water and infuse it with cucumber or mint. Thus this is a great way to relax without hurting you pockets. You can do this on a Friday night so you can start your weekend feeling fresh and relaxed. Send gift basket online to your lady love and pamper her with such thoughtful gift which she will definitely love.

Home Date Night Picnic

Having a home date night picnic is one of the cutest date ideas. Instead of going to a park or beach set up a delicious spread with a nice bottle of rose and spend the day relaxing on a picnic blanket in your backyard or garden. You can also make a romantic set up in your living room so you can also have the comforts of home, thus this idea is as romantic as a real date night picnic at a park.

Do her Makeup

If you are the guy who has never done anything similar to makeup to your lady love, this is the time to make her feel special and loved. The outcome can be disastrous or a miracle, so try this out and have all the types of fun with this date idea at home. This is a fun date idea and you guys will also have great bonding time with your better half. To add excitement and make these moments memorable you can document it by taking the videos and even have before and after pictures to show your family and friends.

Play the 21 Questions Game

If you guys are trying to know each other even more, this is a fun and interesting way to do the same. With this 21 questions game you can get to know your partner more and you can get more open in your relationship. There are three ways to ask questions first is you can ask 21 consecutive questions to your partner, second way both of your can ask half questions one by one and third way each person can ask single question alternately. Thu without any hesitation you will get the opportunity to ask questions and your partner wouldn’t be hesitated to answer either because they will also get answers to same questions.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t like treasure hunt? It is also a great way to surprise your partner with amazing gifts. You can choose whichever theme you like and conceal the items that relate to the theme and also create some relevant hints that would help your partner solve the treasure hunt. This type of home date is surely going to be a hit plus it will create memories that will last the lifetime. Throughout the date you will have so many opportunities to make your partner feel special.

We hope you and partner will have great time together with these amazing and romantic date ideas at home.


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