9 Exotic and Tropical Flowers to do Colorful Arrangement

Tropical are always amazing, they are bold in colour and are of unique shapes. These tropical flowers add unique charm to the flower arrangements. These flowers can tolerate heat and humid environments but they do not bloom in cold. Many people consider these tropical flowers exotic and they are not quite aware about the tropical flower arrangements made from tropical flowers and foliage. In addition they are also long lasting and can give a bright look to any space. Thus we are here with few exotic and tropical flowers with which you can make lovely flower arrangements.

Lobster Claw (Heliconia Rostrata)


These flowers are native to Central and South America. They are group of plants that grow up to 15 feet. These flowers resemble the claws of lobster and re found in different colours like red, orange and yellow. There are more than hundred species and all of them have varying styles of flowers. These are long lasting flowers and the true flowers are actually hidden inside the bracts. The leaves of the flowers are glossy, oval and paddle shaped more or less like banana leaves. This plant is slightly related to cannas, gingers and bananas.

Anthurium (Herbaceous Epiphytes)

These are also called Flamingo flower or Hawaiian heart. These flowers are native to Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay. These flowers are best for the novice planters as they are low maintenance flowers. And they bloom for many months. The flowers of these blooms are long lasting and heart shaped and because of this, they are popular hospitality gifts. They come various colours like white, pink and orange. The flower though looks like flowers but is actually shield like leaves and are carefully arranged around fleshy axis.

Ginger (Zingiberaceae)

This flower belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is a flower that has 52 genera and more than 1300 species. These flowers are grown throughout tropical and sub tropical regions of Southeast Asia. They are used in making garlands and various floral arrangements. The flowering gingers are sold as garden plants. They have an average height of four to five feet. Some of the common genus is Alpinia, Costus and Hedychium.


Pikake is a Hawaiian name for Jasmine meaning peacock. This is after the name of Hawaii’s princess who named it after her favorite bird. The fragrance of this flower is a signature scent all over Hawaii. The fully bloomed flowers are waving together in several strands to make it into a beautiful garland. These lovely garlands are usually wearing by hula dancers, brides and honored guests. Order plants online for your near and dear ones to convey your special wishes on different occasions and festivals

Maraca Ginger (Zingiber Spectabilis)

This ornamental flower is also calling beehive or pinecone ginger. And is very popular to make tropical arrangements. This is an excellent cut flower and has wonderful fragrance. It has various medicinal properties and is using for indigestion, stomach pain, strains and tooth aches. This flower is Believe to be originated from India and have long narrow leaves. They grow up to 7 feet in height and have gourd like structure filled with stones. The flower initially grows green in color and gradually turns and creamy yellow flowers appear on their cones.

Mokara Orchid (Vandaceous Genera)

These flowers are starfish shaping and have wire like stems with some 7 to 15 flowers in every stem. This flower originated from the cross breeding Vanda, Ascocentrum and Arachnis generas created in Singapore in 1969. There are available in so many colors like stunning red, purple, pink, yellow, burgundy, orange which are mostly available all round the year. These flowers are very popular and are using in the decor for wedding and other events. Also they are easily taking care of and can also thrive in inconsistent temperatures.

Bromeliad (Bromeliaceae)

These flowers can add an exotic touch to any floral arrangement. They are easy to grow, easy to take care of and also long lasting. It is an amazing addition to your collection of plants and adds a texture to your patio. One thing you should consider is they should not be over watered. They are available in various colors like maroon, green, gold, red, yellow etc and patterns like flat, thin, spiky, soft etc. These flowers work in all decor styles modern contemporary and tropical.

Ornamental Banana Bloom (Musa Ornata)

These flowers originate from Southeast Asia and grow up to length of three to four feet. They are large and tropical evergreen perennials. The flowers are generally long and folded over in draping manner. The flower thrives in high temperatures and humid environment. They are producing in different colors like purple, white, orange, yellow, pink etc. It is an ornamental banana plant with more than 50 species of Musa genus. These flowers are growing commercially in South America and Hawaii for customers in North America.

African Violet

The scientific name of African Violets is Saintpaulia. The flowers produces single rosette and have velvety and smooth short leafstalks. They are clusters of double, semi double and single flowers in different colors like white, pink, violet, blue, lime, pale yellow and bicolour. If this plant is decorate at home remove ruffled, rounded, fringed and dead leaves promptly. They should not be kept facing direct sunlight as they would get burnt and won’t let the flowers and leaves bloom. Send birthday flowers online to your friends and family members and wish them a very happy birthday through lovely blooms.

These Exotic and Tropical flowers would help you make amazing flower arrangements for decorating your home or gifting your loved ones.

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