Complete Guide on Balloons

One decoration you cannot miss when you are having a party are Balloons. The balloons add to the aesthetic to make everything work together and for any kind of party. Moreover decorating with balloons is very affordable. If you are planning for a kid’s birthday party then balloons are best because they can also play with the same. Sometimes you might get confused as to what type of balloons you can incorporate in your event. Thus we are to let you know all about balloons, their types, balloon accessories you can decorate with and what to fill them with. So that you do not have to give a second thought about it when decorating with the same. It’s like a guide on balloons that will give you all tiny details about them.

Types of Balloons

  1. Latex Balloons

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are the most common type of balloons. You might have seen these balloons at almost every wedding function. These balloons can be decorated in different shapes and different colours too. These balloons are available at a very affordable price. Hence they are one of the top picks when it comes to balloon decoration. One interesting fact about them is they are biodegradable which makes them environment friendly. You can know about ways to include balloons in decoration from our online site. So that you can have amazing and mind-blowing decors for various events to make it memorable.

  1. Foil Balloons

Foil Balloons

Earlier these balloons needed to be sealed but nowadays they come with a self-sealing valve. So it is very easy to blow up and set up these balloons. The best part about these balloons is they have high strength and quite durable because of their metal processing. These balloons are also suitable for creating balloon figures. Foil balloons are also reusable.

  1. Letter Balloons

Letter Balloons

These balloons can either be foil or latex but in most cases, they are foil balloons. If you are throwing a party and want to write the name of the birthday person you can do it with these letter balloons. These balloons can last up to five days and they give a very festive look as well. These balloons are a simple solution for creating an easy and quick decoration. You can get ideas for balloon games for kids from our online gift site so that the kids also enjoy the party.

  1. Mylar Balloons

Mylar Balloons

Mylar balloons are metallic and shiny. They are recommended for celebrations like wedding, baby shower, engagement etc. They are considered of better quality than the latex ones because of their appearance, longer float time and larger imprint areas. If you want customized décor then these balloons are the answer. These balloons have a self-sealing valve. Having a guide on balloons will help you in arranging them in your next party.

  1. Cloudbuster Balloons

Cloudbuster Balloons

If you are thinking to make a huge statement for your event then this is a balloon to go forward with. These cloudbuster balloons are made of chloroprene, a unique material designed to withstand UV rays. These balloons will avert the damage caused by sun rays that makes them perfect for open houses, car dealership etc. Cloudbuster balloons also come in a variety of size, shapes and colours.

  • How to Fill the Balloons?

  1. With Air

With Air

Most balloons are filled with air that is oxygen. These balloons won’t float in the air. Sometimes blowing balloons with your mouth can give you giant headaches and throbbing jaws. So you can order balloons online and avoid all the hassle of blowing the balloons. Air is mostly filled inside the basic latex balloons and all other such balloons. You can fill the floor with air-filled balloons or you can also stick them on the wall for decoration.

  1. With Helium

With Helium

You can also fill the balloons with helium. Mostly fancy balloons are filled with helium so that they float in the air. Helium is filled in standard latex balloons as they can withhold the air inside for a much longer time. So if you want your balloons to float in the air then fill them up with helium. Helium filled balloons can help you create dreamy décor. Colourful balloons will float in the air and stick to the ceiling with ribbons attached. Order soft toys online and treat the little ones with these cuddly gifts along with balloon decor.

  • What Balloon Accessories to Use?

  1. Ribbons


These ribbons are used to tie single or many balloons. Ribbons are one of the most common balloon supplies and accessories. Curling ribbons can make your balloons look very decorative. These ribbons are available in almost every colour. For creating something special mix-match curling ribbons to complement the balloons you choose.

  1. Balloon Weights

Balloon Weights

One more popular balloon accessories are balloon weights. They also come in a variety of colours so you can coordinate with balloons as well as curling ribbons. These weights actually have a triangular-shaped weight covered with coloured foil. On top of it, there is a frayed foil which will make the balloon weights look pleasing. Buy balloons online in USA from our gift store and decorate them for birthdays and other special occasions. This is also a guide on balloons decorations to make them a hit for the party.

  1. Sparkle Lites

Sparkle Lites

These sparkle lites are also referred to as party dots. These unique lights are a great way to make the environment more festive. This light mostly comes in solid colours and a combination of different colours. So if you are planning to gift someone a beautiful balloon bouquet you can attach party dots to it to create a colourful glow. These sparkle lites also come in the shape of flowers which are equally stunning.

We hope this complete guide on balloons help you understand everything about it before you use them for decoration.

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